Neo Organism
It is a pool of living fluid that relies on the very container its dwells in as its lifesupport. It took on the appearance of a deformed little boy in Hiroshi's likeness, lacking emotion and having a god complex. The Neo Organism orchestrated the events in the movie, and held its creator captive for two years when he refused to complete its evolution.

The Neo Organism took the form of Doras to find Hiroshi to force Dr. Mochizuki to complete its evolution into the 'Perfect Lifeform' so it can destroy the 'inferior' human race. Doras is capable of regenerating itself from severe injuries, absorbing inorganic and organic materials to upgrade itself or alter its form into an orb or a bladed projective, or produce Doras Monsters from itself. When Doras manage to absorbed ZO, it became the red Doras Strengthened Form. It then went for Hiroshi, but the music from the pocket watch managed to give ZO the strength to break free from Doras' body after Mochizuki destroyed its life-support. Reverted to its normal state, Doras is finally killed by ZO's Rider Kick, the ZO Kick.
Kumo Woman
A Doras Monster created by Doras, she was large four-legged inhuman spider woman who shot strong webbing to entangle Hiroshi. She also has a set of spider legs on her back and two spider legs for a left arm. During combat with the monster, ZO snapped one of Kumo Woman's legs and used it to impale and instantly kill her.

Koumori Man
A Doras Monster created by Doras, he was a black bat-like entity. Koumori Man was black, had small-but-long bat wings for ears that covered its head when not in flight, and an eye on each hand much like Doras. Koumori Man could extend its fingers to form wings for flight. It could also disguise itself is as any human. It took on the likeness of Mochizuki to trick Hiroshi and take him to its master's hideout. ZO killed Koumori Man easily with a ZO Punch by bursting into the monster's stomach.
Series:  Kamen Rider ZO