Ferbus is a very special friend of Dex's from his home planet of Edenoi. Ferbus is a very small furry creature who means no harm to anyone but he has been known to get people into trouble. Ferbus loves over eating until he is sick. When Ferbus first arrived, Molly and Albee had to hide him due to Hal's allergies. Once he revealed himself, Ferbus was accepted as part of the family. Ferbus sleeps in a small room underneath the Stewart's stairs.
Stewart Family
The Stewart family took Dex under their wing and taught him how to live like a human so he can keep his secret identity a secret. The Stewart family consists of four members: Barbara, caring caterer and homemaker; Hal a full-time handyman and part-time inventor who loves investigating the paranormal; Molly, the daughter is in the same class as Dex and tries to make sure he blends in with the other students; Albee is your average little brother who looks up to Dex.
King Lexian
King Lexian is Dex's grandfather who gave him the power to become Masked Rider because he became far too old to carry on the responsibility.. The king tries to guide Dex along his journey when he is on Earth. He shows Dex that he can create his own allies to help him defeat the evil Count Dregon. He also is the one who sends Donais to Earth to give Dex the powers of Super Gold and Super Blue. The King cannot visit Dex on earth but he can appear to him in a spirit form to guide Dex. He did visit Dex once when Santa granted Dex's wish of wanting to be with his family.
Zaruis is a very good friend of Dex's from Edenoi and while Dex went to Earth to fight Dregon's forces, she must stay to protect Edenoi.
Ferrian is another of Dex's close friends who is also in the fight to take down Count Dregon's evil reign.
Donais is sent to earth to give Dex the crystal to enable Dex to harness the powers of Super Gold. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped by Dregon and the crystal was used to transform him into Roborider to fight Dex. This forced Dex to battle his own friend. In the end, Dex helps Donais see that he is Dex's friend and Donais hand over the crystal. Donais then returned to Earth to give Dex the power of Super Blue.
Moon Dude
Moon Dude is the owner of Cosmos arcade, where all the kids hang out after school. He looks after the kids often by giving them advice for their problems. He looks out for the children's best interest.
Patsy Carbunkle
Patsy is a spoiled brat that thinks the world should revolve around her. Patsy always lies to further enhance her reputation as the most popular girl. Patsy is condescending towards the Stewarts and thinks they're all strange. She often rivals with Molly. However, she does seem to have a soft spot for Dex, occasionally flirting with him.
Herbie is Patsy's geeky friend and unwitting partner in her schemes. Unlike Leawood's brattiest girl, Herbie is nice, but cowardly guy.
Henry Chalmers
Henry Chalmers is the Leawood High's school counselor, he encourages togetherness and enforces discipline. He has an obsessive fascination over Dex's unusual behavior and frequent absences. Although he doesn't intend any harm, Mr. Chalmers constantly keeps his eyes on Dex, hoping to find answers.
Mr. Mulders
Dex and Molly's teacher at Leawood High, who enriches the minds of his young students with a variety of subjects from science to literature.
Series:  Saban's Masked Rider