Electro Sabre
The most important weapon of Masked Rider's artillery, the Electro Sabre uses one swift cut to finish off an enemy. The Electro Sabre comes out of the Ecto-Phase on his belt. It's very rare that any of Dregon's maggots or insectivores can sustain the harsh blow of the Electro Saber.
Super Gold
Dex's friend Donais from Edonoi was sent by King Lexian to give Dex the powers of Super Gold. The powers were stored in a powerful crystal, but Donais was kidnapped by Count Dregon. Dregon used the crystal to transform Donais into Robo Rider, which forced Dex to battle against his best friend whilst trying to make Donais realize what he is doing. Donais realize that he was under Dregon's control and handed over the crystal with the Super Gold powers to Dex, Dex then used them to fight evil.
Ecto Ray
The Ecto Ray is a very powerful heat laser which can only be summoned by using the powers of Super Gold. It emits a very accurate and harsh shot on any foe.
Super Blue
Donais returned one more time to give Dex the powers of Super Blue. These Powers can allow Dex to liquefy to confuse and defeat the enemy.
Series:  Saban's Masked Rider