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Name: Dex
Designation: Masked Rider
Dex not only originates from the planet Edenoi, he is also the prince of the peaceful planet. In Edenoi's royal family, the powers of the Masked Rider are passed down from generation to generation. Dex received them from his grandfather King Lexion. As the current Masked Rider, Dex is sent to Earth to stop his evil uncle, Count Dregon, from enslaving the Earthlings. His uncle had already enslaved his home planet, so Dex knew that letting that happen once again was not an option. He is adopted by the Stewarts and tries to interact with American culture, with their help. Dex has many capabilities that Earthlings don't have. He can materialize a crystal on his forehead to transmit his thoughts to others, use it to scan and x-ray, and sense nearby danger. Dex has superhuman strength, super-speed, and telekinetic abilities. While trying to blend in, he appears unusual to everyone else. When his close friend Donais was brainwashed to become Robo Rider. Through convincing, Dex was able to make Donais see that he is his friend and Donais handed over the crystal to adopt the powers of Super Gold. Donais then returned to Earth to give Dex the power of Super Blue, which enables Dex to become liquid. In order to transform into Masked Rider, Dex yells out the phrase, "Ectophase Activate!"
Series:  Saban's Masked Rider