Count Dregon
Considered the most sinister leader throughout the universe, Count Dregon has been after the Masked Rider powers ever since he knew they existed. He happens to be Dex's uncle, because of his place in royal lineage, he couldn't inherit the powers. He was banished for his evil deeds. Dregon took advantage of Edenoi's peaceful manners and enslaved everyone in full swoop. But getting powers is easier said than done because even destroying his own family and home world wasn't enough. He underestimated his nephew in successfully protecting the powers. Dregon wears a mask to conceal scars he endured in a duel with King Lexian.
She is Dregon's second in command, she takes a very different approach than Dregon when it comes to handling Masked Rider. She doesn't mind causing Dex harm, no matter how much damage is done. It is simply not a limit Dregon is willing to cross, something much evil for even him to handle it. She uses the yellow feather on her helmet as a weapon or to write messages. Nefaria rarely goes into battle but does visit Earth to relay commands to Supernatural monsters. She has sometimes flirted with Dregon, but is often ignored. Her eyes glow really red when angry.
Fact retrieves information for Count Dregon such as surveillance and intel on the Masked Rider's whereabouts. He floats in mid-air and his arm has a specially crafted satellite that can retrieve any information needed on Masked Rider.
Double Face
Double Face is the brains of the operation, he makes sure all missions go smoothly. When something is wrong with the mission, he will suggest to Count Dregon what do to next. His opinion is very respected by Dregon. He has personally tgone into combat with Dex using swords and daggers. Sometimes, he accompanies Man-Beast monsters.
Gork is an abnormal and evil creature, who speaks in rhymes when making a point to Dregon. He is constantly jumping around and annoying everyone else on the Spider Base. He is most cowardly and quick to ditch a battle before it's even over. Gork loves shoving people's mistakes in their faces, much to their annoyance. His older brother Diskey was banished into a black hole. He sometimes accompanies Alien Lifeform monsters.
A blue robotic biker in a leather jacket, slack, and one red eye on his face. Cyclopter has faced Masked Rider in battle occasionally. Armed with a laser gun, he also utilizes a powerful motorcycle named Cannon Wheels. His head can detach from his body to float around on its own. Cyclopter accompanies Robot monsters at times.
Maggots are Count Dregon's tall humanoid henchmen. Unfortunately for Dregon they are incredibly stupid and hardly get the job done. They are often confused and Masked Rider can easily handle them. They can spew slime and shoot threads from their mouths.
Series:  Saban's Masked Rider