Hydrozoa Ignio
A Hydrozoa Lord whose method of killing is to conjure a bolt of lightning to strike down a human, causing the victim to die of spontaneous human combustion. Though his targets were originally any human with latent psychic abilities, when Tsukasa arrives during his fight with Agito and G3, the Overlord has Ignio speak that "Humans shall not kill other humans", running off while hinting Tsukasa's actions. Resuming his attack the next day, Ignio is destroyed by Agito Storm Form's Halberd Spin. He reappears in the Hyper Battle Special, only to be destroyed by Gills's Gills Hell Stab.
Pantheras Cyaneus
A cyan subordinate of Pantheras Magistra armed with the Avariceful Sword. He goes after Aki, only to be telekinetically strangled as she escapes him while Shouichi arrives and battles him as Agito Flame Form, impaling him with his Saber Slash.
Pantheras Rubeo
A red subordinate of Pantheras Magistra armed with two Avariceful Swords. He attacks Aki while she goes after Honjou, only to be telekinetically impaled with his sword before she runs off. He later finds her, but is halted by Gills who kills him with his Gills Heel Claw
Pantheras Magistra
The Queen Jaguar Lord, armed with a staff named the Judgment Staff. Though she command her two minions to kill Aki, she finishes the job herself and snaps the girl's neck as Shouchi arrive. After a heated battle, Agito uses a delayed Rider Kick to kill Magistra.
Apis Vespa
A Wasp Unknown armed with a rapier named the Purgatorial Needle. He was destroyed by Agito Storm Form's Halberd Spin.
Apis Mellitus
A honey bee Unknown armed with a rapier. She fought Agito in both Storm and Flame Forms before retreating, losing one of her antenna in the process. As a result, the wounded Mellitus begins to attack random people without discrimination if they are her ideal targets or normal humans, momentarily drove away by Honjou in the V1 suit. Mellitus resumes at Kamata Shokan, where she is intercepted by Agito. She battled Agito until G3-X arrived and took out his GX-05 Cerberus, blasting her to bits.
Potamotrigon Cucullu
Green skinned and armed with a bar staff named the Wrathful Mallet, Cucullus' actions caught the police's attention, who attempted to fight him when it went after another victim. But Cucullus was intercepted by Shoichi Tsugami in the G3-X gear, destroyed by the GX-05 Cerberus.
Potamotrigon Cassis
A Manta Ray Unknown with blue-skinn and hook-like tendrils he can use as weapons, Cassis witnessed the death of Cucullus. When Cassis made his move, he was intercepted by Agito before he could kill his victim. Cassis defeated Agito, but was pursued by Hikawa in the modified G3-X gear and blasted to bits by the GX-05 Cerberus.
Corvus Intonsus
Crow Queen Lord, armed with a spear named the Jet Black Spear. She attempted to kill Sagara before he was fully awaken, only to be forced to battle Agito Flame Form until Luscus came to her aid, though she ended up being the first to be destroyed by Agito Trinity Form's Fire Storm Attack.
Corvus Luscus
Armed with a saber named the Corpsey Katana, he attempted to kill Sagara and Masumi, but was intercepted by Gills. Luscus managed to retreat when Gills was unable to continue the fight. He later arrived to aid Intonsus in fighting Agito Flame Form, being the one to evoke's Agito Trinity Form. Though he escaped in their first fight, Lucus reaapeared to kill Sagara after he killed Ryo, but was intercepted by Agito and killed by Agito Trinity Form's Rider Shoot
Corvus Calvus
Used a scythe named the Skeletal Scythe. Chased after Sagara, but was unable to kill him due to his awaken powers. He aided Luscus, only to be killed by Agito Trinity Form's Fire Storm Attack
Echinus Famelicare
A Sea Urchin Lord , his method of killing is using saliva on people, making it appear that they had died of starvation. He could also throw Urchin-shaped grenades named the Abyssal Caltrops. Famelicare was responsible for killing a man while he was driving with his wife, the crash killing her in the process. He then targeted their only son Kenzaki, thought Agito briefly interfered and fought him in Storm and Grand Forms, eventually escaping Agito's attack. When Famelicare attempted again to kill the boy, Ryo battled the Lord as Gills, killing the monster with his Gills Heel Claw.
Piscis Arapaima
Carries a trident named Neptune's Fork. His first victim was the Mirage Bar's owner, Minoru Sano also known as Isamu Takagi of the Phantom Thieve brothers. As a result, Arapaima was also after Isamu's younger brother/partner, Akira Takagi, who was three days away from taking advantage of the stature of limitations to get the loot he and his brother stole seven years ago. After Akira was finally arrested, Arapaaima attacked, forced to fight Agito and G3-X, knocked in midair by Agito Ground Form's Rider Kick so he can be blown up by the GX Launcher.
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