Crustata Palleo
A crab Lord, armed with the Deceitful Claw. First appeared to kill Sagara, only to be knocked out by his psychic power. Paalleo later attempted to get revenge during the fireworks rally while Sagara was using his power to force Mana to distance herself for humans, only to be halted by Agito. He managed to defeat Agito and G3-X singlehandly. Palleo almost succeeded in killing Masumi, only to be halted by Orcinus. Palleo later managed to mortally injure Sagara, but was halted by Agito's Storm Form. But Storm Form's attack was unable to effect him at first until he his Halberd Break to kill the Lord.
Cetos Orcinus
An Orca Lord armed with a sword named the Fateful Flamberge. He first appeared to halt Palleo from harming Masumi, as he was a follower of the El of Water. Once partially awakened, the El orders him to kill Majima and Mana. But Orcinus is intercepted by Agito, but managed to overpower him. However, Orcinus was halted by Gills arriving after his revival. The Lord attempted to retreat, but had to fight both Gills and G3-X until he managed to retreat. Orcinus then attempted to kill Shoiuchi, forcing him to fight the Lord as Agito with Ryo present. The fight ended with Agito Ground Form's Rider Kick destroying the monster.
Propheta Cruentus
A Mantis Lord, he uses twin swords named the Shameful Curved Swords as his weapons. Cruentus attempted to kill Majima, but Gills interverned and battled the monster until the El of Water arrived to exterminate Gills. The Mantis Lord later attempts to kill Majima, only for G3-X to intervene this time. Cruentus soon goes to attack Gills directly, with G3-X interfering until the El of Water evened the odds. However, Shoichi arrived with a renewed sense of courage, assuming Burning Form as a result. With his newfound powers, Agito obliterated Cruentus with Burning Rider Punch.
Corvus Canosus
She almost killed a woman were it not for Ryo and Kino getting her to the hospital in time. Canosus later attacked another girl, but was halted by Gills. Agito arrives to help, weakening the Queen for Gills to deliver the deathblow with his Gills Heel Claw.
Piscis Serratus
This Piranha Unknown attempts to kill Majima, but was stopped by Gills. Serratus was able to overpower Gills, but fell to "Another Agito's" Assault Kick. Lizard Lords The Lizard Lords using their method of killing is using an acid mist to suffocate the victim, with the lifeless body dissolving into foam.
Stellio Dextera
Wearing a Red scarf, he fell into an ambush by Honjou as part of his plan to finally capture Agito. Dextera was halted by police fire until Agito arrived, fighting him until Sinistra came to his aid. However, Dextera was destroyed by Agito Shining Form's Shining Clash.
Stellio Sinistra
Wore a blue scarf and used a lance named the Dragon King's Trident. Appeared to aid Dextera in fighting Agito, retreating after Dextera was destroyed. Sinistra was eventually destroyed by G3-X's using GA-04 Antares and GX-05 Cerberus.
Skelos Glaucus
Armed with sickles named the Atonementing Korambi. He was attacking the police for interfering in his hunt when G3-X intervened with Agito arriving to aid him. Though Glaucus escaped, Agito & G3-X pursued and used teamwork to defeat the Lord with Agito having G3-X on Machine Tornado while firing his GX-05 Cerberus at the Lord.
Volucris Ulucus
An Owl Lord, the method of killing is cracking the skulls of their victims. He briefly fought "Another" Agito until the Overlord arrived and forced him to retreat. The Overlord later sent Ulucus after "Another" Agito, holding him at bay until his master arrived. Destroyed by Agito Ground Form's Rider Punch
Volucris Falco
A Falcon Lord, the method of killing is the same as Volucris Ulucus. Created by the Overlord to aid the Owl in fight/pursue Gills. The lord was later sent after Agito to hold him at bay until his master arrived. Falco later attempted to kill the powerless riders on his master's order. With Houjou's aid, GX-3 killed the Falco with his GX-05 Cerberus. However, Falco managed to damage Kino with a fatal headbutt to the stomach. Leading to his death.
Ericius Liquor
A Hedgehog Lord, he carried a sword named the Hellfired Ram-Dao and used his quills as needles to turn whoever they hit into water. He about to kill Mana when Ryo intervened. Though his quill hit Shoichi by mistake, it was removed before the wound killed Shoichi while Liquor aided Falco in pursuing Mana and Ryo. Liquor overpowered GX-3 until Shoichi and gang arrived, eventually regaining the Agito power. Liqur fall to a Assault Kick/Gills Heel Claw/Rider Kick combo attack.
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