One of the most used Disc Animals among the Oni. The falcon is light weight and suited for covering terrain from the air, with its sharp wings it is capable of cutting attacks in both of its forms. Its weak point is both its duty and recording time is cut short from the energy it consumes from flight. It is also to be noted that among the Disc Animals, this is the only one proven to have a former Shikigami incarnation, which is bigger and flies faster (based from the movie).
With its four-legged design, it is best for ground terrain, especially dense brush and rock areas. When sent out in numbers they usually travel in packs. It has a sharp, fanged mouth for attacking targets. Has a long duty and recording time and is very durable.
This disk animal has the special function of video recording images and sound because its intelligence is a little higher than normal. It's acrobatic and suited for through branches in forested areas. It's very strong and delivers a power punch for attack, because of this it can also guard and protect victims from danger.
It is best for recording both above and below water and is suited for travel in wet areas (beaches, swamps, etc.) or underwater. Its large pincer claw is strong enough to cut a steel cable and can turn into a drill than can bore through a concrete wall. Its durable design can withstand falling rocks or powerful water currents. It was upgraded very recently from its old design.
Is capable of video recording and has a very long duty and recording time. Can travel through dense brush and rocks. It has a sharp fanged mouth for attacking.
A updated version of the Akanetaka, it has greater duty and recording time plus can record video as well. Because of its higher intelligence it's capable of united formation with a group of Disk Animals when attacking a monster. It attacks with its sharp wings for cutting attacks in both forms.
Is capable of amphibious travel and can record underwater. Because of its design its recording abilities is less than other disc animals. Is best suited for small, tight areas it can move through with its slender body. It can coil around the enemy and tightly squeeze them. Because of this it can be used as handcuffs or a rod, it also has a dangerous bite for attacking Makamou.
can function best underwater where it is able to travel up to speeds of nearly mach 1. When used in a battle underwater, this Disc Animal can slice almost anything in half within a matter of seconds.
The upgrade version of Ruriokami