Name: Iori Izumi
Designation: Kamen Rider Ibuki
Weapons: Ongekimei Narukaze, Ongekikan Reppu, Ongekibou Yamase, Ongekikou
Gear: Onteki, Tatsumaki
Iori Izumi is a twenty-one year-old member of the head family of the Oni that run Takeshi at Yoshino. Being born into the head family meant that his life would always revolve around being an Oni and battling Makamou, a fact that Ibuki never had a problem with. He wished to protect others and knew that not wanting to carry out his legacy would both disgrace his family name and be selfish. As a member of the head family, Ibuki is automatically selected to carry out especially dangerous missions whose outcomes will likely effect Takeshi as a whole. Ibuki is a confident Oni, but unlike Hibiki, he is confident because he believes no one in the head family can be defeated. Kamen Rider Ibuki is a blue tinted Oni that wields a trumpet, calm and somewhat slower when he needs to solve problems, he is the second Kamen Rider appear. This is Ibuki's basic and only form, despite being a member of the head family, Ibuki does not have a second form. To become this form, Ibuki blows into his whistle and air gathers around him like a tornado, then chops the tornado with his right hand to complete the transformation into an Oni. Ibuki also gains a second "oni face" which is a crest that forms on his forehead. He usually fights on his own with aid from his apprentice, Akira, joining Hibiki and Todoroki in battles when the need for it arises. He is later seen fighting with Hibiki and Todoroki more often.

At the start of the series, Ibuki was a calm and relatively carefree soul and later he becomes more troubled by matters of life and death and eventually comes to fear death. After the Shuki incident, his disciple, Akira, no longer wishes to be an Oni and leaves him. After this happens, Ibuki realizes how small of a man he really is, that he isn't as strong as he originally thought he was. His relation with Kasumi Tachibana begins to grow into more than that of just friendship as well. After the Shuki incident, he starts to feel alone and seeks comfort in Kasumi, who is unsure of how she should respond to these new emotions from Ibuki. After Zanki's death, Ibuki begins to fear death itself. This fear starts to get in the way of his Oni duties and in his normal life as well, eventually fully realizing just how scared he is. Because he is of the head family, Ibuki is chosen to perform the Orochi sealing, a task that Hibiki feels Ibuki is not ready for. Before the sealing takes place, Ibuki confesses to Kasumi and tells her that he wishes to live life as long as he can be with her. But Hibiki took his place, forcing Ibuki to function as the backup to fight off the advancing Makamou hordes.

Series:  Kamen Rider Hibiki