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In the TV series

Alongside Hibiki, Ibuki, Todoroki, and Zanki, several other Oni appeared in the television series for a limited number of episodes.


Kamen Rider Sabaki
(? Kamen Raida Sabaki?)
, whose real name is revealed to be Sakae Saeki
(? Saeki Sakae?)
, is the oldest active Oni in Japan at age 37. He is defeated often, but this can be attributed to his age. Sabaki was the former mentor of Banki who is now independent, currently he has no student. He is both an active trumpet and taiko user, making him one of the few Oni to be able to handle both weapons full time. Sabaki primary weapon is his Ongekigen Enma Guitar, but has specifically made the Kogata Ongekigen for himself, these are small taiko sized versions of Oni guitar. In the PS2 title, he only uses his normal Ongekigen guitar similar to Todoroki and Zanki. His name literally means "Judgement Demon". He has a supporter called Ishiwari.

Arsenal and techniques

Henshin Kigen
A string brace-type transformation device.

Ongekishin Gokuraku
A guitar buckle.

Ongekimei Tsumujikaze
A trombone buckle.

Ongekigen Enma
A guitar Ongeki weapon.

Kogata Ongekigen
Two small guitar daggers

Ongekibo- Shakubyo-shi
A pair of drum sticks: Ongeki weapon.

A trombone: Ongeki weapon.

Kito-jutsu Onizume
Claws attack.

Ongeki Zan Enma Sabaki
Ongeki Finisher.


Kamen Rider Danki
(? Kamen Raida Danki?)
, more commonly referred to as Danki
(? Danki?)

which means "Bullet Demon", is one of the many Oni Kamen Riders. His real name is revealed to be Daisuke Danda
(? Danda Daisuke?)
, which was abandoned upon becoming an Oni. Danki was first introduced rescuing a camper from a Yamabiko and its parents. During his fight, the Midaredouji appeared and began attacking the Douji/Hime and feasting on them much to his shock as Yamabiko was easily killed by the monster. Later, he is seen in civilian form reporting to Takeshi Headquarters talking on the phone. Afterwards, he and Kamen Rider Sho-ki volunteered to test Konosuke Kogure's Armed Saber. The experiment resulted in both of them temporary losing their powers for almost a month. While talking to Ichiro about the experiment, he and Sho-ki blamed Kogure. Overhearing this, Kogure pulled out his paddle in anger a continuously hit both him and Sho-ki, chasing them out of headquarters. He is portrayed by suit actor Makoto Ito.

Arsenal and techniques

Henshin Onsa
A tuning fork transformation device.

Ongekiko Mikageban
A taiko buckle.

Ongekibo- Nachiguro
A pair of drum sticks Ongeki weapon.

Ongeki Da Hasai Sazareishi

: Ongeki Finisher.

Ongeki Da Funkotsu Saishin
Ongeki Finisher.


Kamen Rider Eiki
(? Kamen Raida Eiki?)

is 22 years old and has been an Oni for 3 years. He has no supporter nor does he have any students or partners. Eiki is assigned to guard mountains of Japan. He is voiced by the series narrator Kazuya Nakai. His name literally means "Edge Demon".

Arsenal and techniques

Henshin Onsa
A tuning fork transformation device.

Ongekiko Hakuryoku
A taiko buckle.

Ongekibo- Rokusho-
A pair of drum sticks Ongeki weapon.

Ongeki Da Hissatsu Hitchu- form
(? Ongeki Da Hissatsu Hitchu- no Kata?)
Ongeki Finisher.


Kamen Rider Gouki
(? Kamen Raida Go-ki?)

is an Oni whose name means "Manly Demon".


Kamen Rider Touki
(? Kamen Raida To-ki?)

is a 33 year old Oni who has been a Kamen Rider since he was 18. He is married and has one son. His name literally means "War Demon".

Arsenal and techniques

Henshin Onibue
A flute whistle transformation device.

Ongekimei Tsumuji
A trumpet buckle.

Ongekikan Arashi
A trumpet Ongeki weapon.

Ongeki Sha Fu-jin Dohatsu
Ongeki Finisher.


Kamen Rider Shouki
is a 32 year old who is partnered with Danki. Both he and Danki serve on the outskirts of the Kanto area of Japan. As with Danki, he attempted to use the Armed Saber, but due to his lack of strength, lost the ability to transform for nearly a month. He is portrayed by suit actor Yoshifumi Oshikawa
(? Oshikawa Yoshifumi?)
. His name literally means "Victory Demon".

Arsenal and techniques

Henshin Onibue
A flute whistle transformation device.

Ongekimei Fu-soku
A trumpet buckle.

Ongekikan Taifu-
A trumpet Ongeki weapon.

Ongeki Sha Bo-fu- Ikki
Ongeki Finisher.


Kamen Rider Banki
(? Kamen Raida Banki?)

is an Oni who was formerly apprenticed to Sabaki. His name literally means "Barbaric Demon".


Kamen Rider Shuki
(? Kamen Raida Shuki?)

is a former Oni Kamen Rider. Her name literally means "Bloodied Demon"
(? Shuki?)
. She is portrayed by Reiko Kataoka.

Though she is in her eighties, Shuki

used her power to assume a form that resembles herself in her early 30's. She is also one of the few Oni to use the Firebird shikigami, an ancient technique no longer used by present day Oni. Furthermore, Shuki knows every incantation in the Oni's arsenal, including forbidden ones.

When she was young, her entire family was murdered by the Makamou Notsugo. She used this as a reason to become an Oni. Unlike other Oni though, she used personal grudge and not the desire to uphold justice and protect the weak as a reason to fight the Makamou, and because of this, Shuki's forehead emblem had grown over her face, which explains why her looks are so different from the other Oni. This would also lead to her disgrace and stripping of her Oni title when she nearly killed her student, Zanki, in an attempt to destroy Notsugo by aiming for his one weakspot: its mouth. She was given a student long before she was ready to take one on, but had no choice due to the death of her friend, the original Zanki.

Years later she would return to the battlefield, stealing the Oni no Yoroi
(Oni Armor)
to fight Oni in order to steal a Henshin device from them to resume her Oni form and battle the Notsugo once more. Though the armor was destroyed, Shuki managed to get Todoroki's Henshin Kigen and become Kamen Rider Shuki once more. The Man and Woman attempted to recruit Shuki, but she refused their offer, overpowering SuperDouji & SuperHime before retreating in a blaze. Later on, she took in Akira Amami as her apprentice due to seeing similarities in her wanting to be an Oni. Shuki's hate of the Makamou would be her downfall, as she was caught in the mouth of Notsugo, she killed herself as a means to get her revenge on it finally, with Zanki finishing the monster off. Dying, Shuki asked Zanki to honor her by covering her in flowers so no one can see her true face.

Arsenal and techniques

Ongekigen Kitara
Shuki uses a harp as her weapon and is used two ways, either by playing its strings causing an energy wave or pulling the strings creating an energy arrow to shoot at her enemies.

Ongeki So- Shinten Do-chi

Transformed Akira

Akira Amami
(? Amami Akira?)

briefly transformed into what was called Transformed Akira
(? Akira Henshintai?)

by the Hibiki production crew after she stole Ibuki's Onteki. In the continuity of Kamen Rider Decade, this form is named Kamen Rider Amaki
(? Kamen Raida Amaki?)

which means "Heavenly Demon".

Transformed Kyosuke

Kyosuke Kiriya
(? Kiriya Kyo-suke?)

also briefly transformed into what was called Transformed Kyosuke
(? Kyo-suke Henshintai?)

by the Hibiki production crew. In the stage shows, this form is dubbed Kamen Rider Kyoki
(? Kamen Raida Kyo-ki?)

which means "Strong Demon".

Unseen Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Kachidoki
(? Kamen Raida Kachidoki?)
A taiko-type Oni who was mentioned briefly in Episode 3 by having defeated the last Yamabiko of 2004 in November that year, in a prefecture called Ogara. This makes him an Oni of the To-hoku region. His name means "Enjoyment Demon."

Kamen Rider Akatsuki
(? Kamen Raida Akatsuki?)
A taiko-type Oni, Akatsuki was seen in episode 25 and 26. His real name is Tsutomu Tsumura
(? Tsumura Tsutomu?)

and, during the course of his training, he decided not to become an Oni warrior. His name means "Dawn Demon."

Kamen Rider Michibiki
(? Kamen Raida Michibiki?)
A retired Oni Kamen Rider armed with a trumpet. He is the father of Kamen Rider Ibuki and had Tachibana as his supporter. He is currently the leader of the Kansai region Oni as well as one of the five leaders of Takeshi. His name means "Guiding Demon."

Kamen Rider Fubuki
(? Kamen Raida Fubuki?)
An Oni Kamen Rider who used a brass instrument as her weapon. Fubuki was one of the first of the seldom seen female Kamen Riders. She is the mother of Kamen Rider Ibuki and was one of Hibiki's masters. She currently resides in Yoshino[disambiguation needed] with Michibiki. Her name means "Snow Storm Demon."

Kamen Rider Yamabuki
No information exists about this Oni other than him appearing in Hibiki's address book and used a Kotsuzumi. His name means "Kerria Demon."

Kamen Rider Genki
Genki is a man rumored to be one of the first humans to have possessed the ability to become an Oni Kamen Rider, using a guitar as his weapon. In a single day, he defeated four Bakegani and Amikiri. He fought in the Chu-bu region of Japan during the Edo period. His name means "Bowstring Demon."

First Kamen Rider Zanki
The original master of Zaoumaru Zaitsuhara and one of Hibiki's many masters. He often told Hibiki off for constantly messing things up during his training. He died suddenly, forcing an unprepared Kamen Rider Shuki to mentor Zaoumaru, who would go on to become the next Zanki.

Movie Edition Oni

Kamen Rider Kabuki
A Taiko Oni and is one of the antagonists in the movie, having double-crossed Asumu and the others into believing he cares for humans
(as per his staged fight with a Makamou)
. He also caused trouble among the seven Oni when they were accused of attacking humans
(with Nishiki's weapons found beside a murdered man, while it was actually him who committed it)
. He revealed that he was disillusioned with his relation with humans because no matter how hard he fights and risks his life for them, they just call him an Oni, a monster, an animal. Thus he forms a pact with the Makamou to become one of them. He has a soft spot, however, for children because even upon his defeat by Hibiki and death at the hands of Hitotsumi, he pleads for Asumu's safety. His name means "Festive Demon" while also a play on Kabuki.

Kamen Rider Tohki
A buddhist monk who spends his days praying at a local temple until Asumu and his group come upon him. Being the strongest Oni in his time, armed with a club and gong, it is said he is able to defeat various Makamou without assuming Oni form. In addition, is capable to using various incantations and spells through meditation. He bears a resemblance to the present day Kamen Rider Zanki. His name means "Freezing Demon."

Kamen Rider Kirameki
Originally Tohki's partner years ago until an incident with an Ittanmomen resulted with Kirameki running off, leaving Tohki to fend the Makamou off on his own. As a result, Kirameki was labeled a coward no one wanted to associated with. However, Kirameki joins the group of Oni when he arrives in his kite and suggests getting more reinforcements. Kirameki uses cymbals as his weapons and his name means "Shining Demon."

Kamen Rider Nishiki
A thief Oni who loves money, Nishiki is often caught in situations leading people to believe he is a criminal. He refused to join the Oni group at first until tricked in believing there's buried treasure in the village they're saving. Nishiki uses a triangle as his weapon and his name means "Western Demon."

Kamen Rider Habataki
Habataki is one of the older Oni. He fought in a war years ago and has since given up the Oni life to settle down as a farmer together with his family. Habataki uses a flute as his weapon and his name means "Feathered Demon."

Stageshow Quartet

Kamen Rider Kagayaki
An Oni whose weapon is a flute and lamp combination. His motif is green and he is the mortal enemy of Mujaki. 22 years old. His name means "Radiant Demon".

Kamen Rider Yu-ki
An Taiko Oni who appears in a dream to Kamen Rider Kagayaki. He is from the future in a time where the Makamo, led by Mujaki have defeated most of the Oni Kamen Riders. His name means "Brave Demon".

Kamen Rider Jaki
The older brother of Kagayaki. He is 25 years old and was brainwashed by Mujaki into becoming her slave. Jaki use a saber as his weapon and his name means "Snake Demon". He has a white Oni form.

Kamen Rider Mujaki
A female Oni Kamen Rider as age 23, a human with Makamou blood in her veins who brainwashed Jaki into being her slave. Mujaki use a microphone as her weapon and her name means "Illusion Snake Demon" and is synonymous with innocence
(? mujaki?)
. She has a black Oni form.

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