A hybrid giant-type creature whose birth was set up by the Black Puppet, enlisting the aid of the Douji/Hime pairs to offer their children. Both Ubume & Yamarashi arrived on Asama mountain, briefly fought each other until Ubume drove itself into Yamaarashi's neck, causing it to collapse to the ground with neither showing sign of movement as the BlackPuppet forms a cocoon over the two Makamou, causing them to mix and blend together within the chrystalis, merging them into one powerful beast with its components' abilities. By the time Ibuki and Todoroki arrived, the newly-born Nanashi emerges and overpowers the two Oni, immune to their Onigeki attacks. Nanashi would have killed them if Hibiki hadn't arrived, cutting the monster's tail off. The Oni use a Kaen Renda form/Shippuu Issen/Raiden Gekisen combination attack from all sides to destroy the beast.
(Episode 22)
Yoroi Tsuchigumo
The powerful version of Tsuchigumo made by the "Armored" Black Puppet Hime at Kayanoki, it stayed underground with it parents gathering its food while its armor hardens. It emerged briefly to help its father escape the Oni. Once fully matured, the Yoroi Tsuchigumo was about to take out Todoroki and Ibuki when Eiki came to their aid, the monster retreated only to be intercepted by Hibiki before it could kill Asumu. It overpowered Hibiki until he underwent Kurenai form, killing the monster with his Bakuretsu Shinku form.
(Episodes 28-29)
A summer-type Makamou with the feature of a white fox, remodeled by the Man with the added wheel characteristic of Wanyuudou, allowing Kasha to turn itself into a flaming wheel to incinerate prey and fire blasts from its wheel-collar. The Kasha attacked various people in Yotsuya, encountering Ibuki when it attempted to kill Asumu and Kiriya. Hibiki arrived, but the Kasha retreated. Ibuki managed to find the Kasha, with Hibiki joining the fight in Kurenai form and killing the Makamou with his Shakunetsu Shinku form. Another modified version of the Kasha appeared at Saitama, targeting two students from Kiriya's old school. It was among the Makamou destroyed by Hibiki Soukou'sKiShin Kakusei.
(Episodes 30-31)
A Summer-type crocodile Makamou with a winged snake warped around it. Yobuko at Higashitsukuba was modified by "the Man" to be immune to Ongeki, with a sound barrier created around the feet and maintained by the snake's mouth. It managed to follow Hibiki, fighting him while the Supers kidnapped Asumu and Midori to take to Youbiko's lair, despite them managing to escape. Yobuko managed to overpower Sabaki, Todoroki, and Ibuki. But Hibiki later fought Youbuko with Asumu's help allowing Hibiki to concel the barrier and kill Yobuko in Soukou form with KiShin Kakusei.
(Episodes 38-39)
A Summer-type Makamou with the feature of a wolf and an eagle, it was made by The Man and The Woman a year after the Orochi. It was sent to kidnap an ideal specimen, abducting Hitomi and keeping its pursuers from finding her. It knocked Kiriya unconscious, though Asumu managed to get him out of there thanks to the DiscAnimals. Once regaining consciousness, Kiriya battles Satori in Oni form long enough for Ibuki & Todoroki to arrive and finished it off with their Reppuu/Retsurai combo.
(Episode 48)
The giant-type Makamou with the feature of head and tail of a hammerhead shark and the body of a centipede. It was created by The Man and The Woman a year after Orochi. Able to borrow underground, it fought the Oni after Satori was destroyed. It battled Hibiki Soukou, who destroyed it with KiShin Kakusei before it could harm Asumu.
(Episode 48)