Douji & Hime of Tsuchigumo
They were raising a Tschigumo at Yakushima, feeding it humans caught in their webs. While Douji was destroyed by Hibiki's Onibi, Hime attempted to offer Asamu to the Tsuchigumo, only to end up being devoured by it.
(Episodes 1-2)
Douji & Hime of Yamabiko
They were raising a Yamabiko at Okutama, resembling monkeys and prone to maniacal laughter while using the fog to cover their abductions, killing the victim and using their voices to feed the Yamabiko. While Douji was destroyed by Hibiki's Onibidume, Hime fell to Hibiki's Onibi, though their child was able to fend for itself by then. Another pair were among the victims devoured by Midaredouji in episode 13.
(Episodes 3-4)
Douji & Hime of Bakegani
They were raising a Bakegani at Boso, able to secrete acid and alter their right hands into crab-claws. While the Douji was destroyed by Zanki, the Hime later attacked Hibiki when he was sent to finish the job, killing her with his Onibi followed by a punch. Another set appeared at Niko at episode 15, raising their freshwater child until Zanki and Todoroki fought them. When the Hime was killed by Zanki's Retsurai, the Douji ran for it with the two Oni following, leading them into a trap only to be killed by being impaled by Zanki's guitar. Todoroki fought a reddish pair in episode 19, killing them both with one hit from his Retsurai. Another pair appear in episode 26, with the Douji destroyed by Todoroki's RaigekiKen and the Hime by a kick-version of the attack.
(Episode 5)
Douji & Hime of Ittanmomen
They were raising an Ittenmomen at Okukuji, choking victims to death with their extend-able limbs and dragging the corpses into the lake for their child to feed. While Douji was destroyed by Ibuki's Reppuu, Hime escaped only to be killed by the same attack later when her child was mature enough to fly.
(Episodes 7-8)
Douji & Hime of Ooari
They were raising an Ooari at Fujioka until both were killed by Hibiki's Rekkadan.
(Episode 9)
Douji & Hime of Otoroshi
The oldest of the Douji/Hime pairs, they finally awaken after a century to feed the Ororoshi at Chichibu. The two are rock-hard and are as equally strong, facing both Hibiki and Ibuki. Douji was killed by Hibiki's RekkaDan at the same time Hime was taken out by Ibuki's Reppuu. A second pair were created by the Black Puppet to track down and destroy the Midaredouji. Just as Hibiki and Ibuki joined the fray, the Hime was being devoured by the Midaredouji as Hibiki's RekkaDan destroyed her and wounded the Douji, who was weakened enough to be mauled to death by Akira's Disc Animals.
(Episodes 9-10)
Douji and Hime of Nurikabe
They were raising a Nurikabe at Shimotsuke, able to merge into trees, and use their bodies to body-slam a person to death before feeding the victim to their child. They were the first to be receive the Armored forms, overpowering Hibiki at the first round. But the duo regressed as a side effect of the armor in the 2nd bout, and were both killed by Hibiki's RekkaDan
(Episodes 11-12)
Formerly the Douji of Ubume, he mutated as a side-effect of assuming armored form during the fight with Ibuki, turning on his Hime counterpart and their child in a cannibalistic manner. Referred as the Devourer, Midaredouji attacks humans, but prefers devouring its own kind which labeled it a reject and targeted to be destroyed. Armed with two swords, the Midaredouji was eventually destroyed by Hibiki's Bakuretsu Kyouda form
(Episodes 13-14)
Hime of Ubume
She and her Douji were raising an Ubume at Kamanishi Lake until her Douji was suddenly mutated and killed her.
(Episode 13)
Douji and Hime of Yamaarshi
Recently created by the Black Puppet, the two were quickly charged with raising a Yamaarashi at Tsukama Village. They are able to shoots poison-needles from their mouths and have a quill-impression on their faces. The two overpowered Sabaki enough to have their child grab him. The Hime was obliterated by Zanki's Raigeki Fist while Douji escaped with his child, later killed Todoroki's guitar impaling him. A second set appear in episodes 21-22 under the Black Puppet, keeping Todoroki from interfering with their child meeting with Ubume. While their child undergoes the fusion process, the Douji & Hime attack Todoroki, bringing him to Ibuki so both pairs can kill them. In the end, both were destroyed by Todoroki's Retsurai, though they managed to take Akira out of the fight.
(Episodes 15-16)
Douji and Hime of Oonamazu
The first of the pairs to appear in an urban environment, they cornered prey for their child, using their stepping as a homing beacon to attract Oonamazu to its prey. As they possess a hydro-vascular system, they can shoot water from their mouths. The mustached Douji, who tends to walk on all fours, was destroyed by Ibuki's Senpuujin while the Hime was mortally wounded by Ibuki's Onidume, summoning her child as her final act so it could avenge its parents.
(Episode 17)
Douji and Hime of Amikiri
Created by the BlackPuppet to avenge the Bakegani slaughtered by Todoroki. They are like the Bakegani Douji & Hime types, only able to fly and their right-hands can become tendrils around them to impale the victim and toss it into the sea for their child to feed on. The Hime was destroyed by Todoroki's Retsurai, with the guitar impaling the collapsed Douji with similar results.
(Episodes 19-20)
Douji and Hime of Ubume
Serving under the Black Puppet, they raised their Ubume to his specifications while protecting it from Ibuki until it meets Yamaarashi. While Ubume undergoes the fusion process, the Douji & Hime attack Ibuki, bringing him to Todoroki so both Douji/Hime pairs can kill them. The Douji was destroyed by Ibuki's Reppuu and Todoroki's Retsurai, while the Hime was destroyed by Ibuki's Reppuu
(Episodes 21-22)
Douji & Hime of Dorotabou
Douji & Hime: First of the Summer Douji/Hime created by the White Puppet, native-sounding in personality though their airheadness belittles their true maleficent nature. They chant "Ken, Ken, Pa" when approaching their victims, spit mud from their mouths at the victims and knocking them into the muddy water for Dorotabo to grab and drown before eating the corpse. They crossed paths with Hibiki and Todoroki, using a hit-and-run method of attack that ends with the Hime destroyed by Hibiki's RekkaDan. The Douji escaped thanks to his child, overseeing the multiplication process until the Oni battled the Dorotabo horde, with Todoroki taking out the Douji withRaigekiKen
(Episodes 23-24)
Douji and Hime of Kappa
The two were destroyed by Sabaki, with one of them falling to his Onidume attack
(Episode 25)
Douji and Hime of Bakeneko
Created by the White Puppet, they have no battle form and have feline mannerisms as they sadistically enjoy playing around. The abducted young girls and children for Bakeneko to feed on. Though they escaped Hibiki, they battled Zanki until the White Puppet intervened. Douji & Hime oversaw the battle, cheering for their child until they were consumed in the explosion from Bakeneko's death.
(Episodes 26-27)
Douji and Hime of Yoroi Tsuchigumo
The last parent pair to be created. Because that were created by the armored Black Puppet Hime, they did not have the time limit and thus are the perfected version of Mushadouji and Yoroihime, armed with trident and sword respectively. After they defeated Eiki, they fought Ibuki and Todoroki. Though they had the upper hand at first, the Hime was restrained by Ibuki and left open to be destroyed by Todoroki's Raiden Gekishin. The Douji escaped, only to later fight the two Oni, before and after Eiki arrives to wound the Douji with his Rokushou before Ibuki dealt the final blow with Senpuujin
(Episodes 28-29)
Douji and Hime of Orochi
These two appeared during the Feudal era, prior to the formation of Takeshi. This pair Douji and Hime wore attire of feudal era mistress and samurai, able to fly like Will-o'-the-wisps and use pyrokinesis. While the Hime is killed by Touki, the Douji is slain by Todoriki.