The Machine Den-Bird is Den-O's personal Honda XR250 bike that is able to launch from the DenLiner. Although Ryotaro never uses it as a mean of transportation, the Taros would sometimes use it while possessing his body. While docked in the DenLiner, it serves as the control mechanism for the train. When a Rider Pass, along with a Rider Ticket, is inserted into the Den-Bird while it is docked in the DenLiner, the date on the ticket becomes DenLiner's destination. During the fight with the Oct Imagin, the bike is sabotaged by the enemy and turns against Den-O. Though it burst into flames, the Den-Bird was later repaired or replaced fast enough to be used against the rampaging time-tracks under the control of the Oct Imagin's remains.
The Machine ZeroHorn is Zeronos' personal motorcycle, similar in design to Den-O's DenBird, but with a different head design. Just like the Machine DenBird to the DenLiner, the Machine ZeroHorn allows Zeronos to control the ZeroLiner in combat against the Gigandeath. It has a slot for a Rider pass as well, despite Yuto not possessing one, rather Zeronos cards can be inserted and used in place of one.
The DenLiner is Den-O's transportation system, a bullet train mainly used for traveling to other times and launching attacks against Gigadeaths. The DenLiner arrives when a person holding a Rider Pass touches a door while the hour, minute and second of time are the same. It is able to travel to different times when a Rider Pass, along with a Rider Ticket that contains the date in which an Imagin has traveled to, is inserted into the DenBird, while docked in the DenLiner. The date then becomes the DenLiner's new destination in time. The DenLiner has multiple forms, split throughout eight cars. When not using a certain form, the DenLiner's eight cars are linked up, forming one large train. These railroad cars only disconnect and change form when Den-O is in the corresponding form. Form-specific cars can also link up with other cars in various orders to provide additional weaponry when fighting Gigandeaths. Furthermore, the DenLiner can link up with the ZeroLiner for more power. When Den-O enters Climax Form, the DenLiner is affected by the power surge and enters Climax Mode, turning a golden color with an intense fiery aura around it. The DenLiner also has various non-combative cars that separate from the Gouka during battle and serve as settings for the television series and movies. These include the dining car where most of the series takes place, a bath car used several times late in the series, and the sleeping car where the group meets the Swan Imagin Sieg.
DenLiner Gouka
DenLiner Gouka is based on the legend of Momotaro and is activated when Den-O is in Sword Form. This train is composed of cars one through four, each with a unique attack that relates to a component of the legend. When attacking, the train turns sideways and each of the four compartments open up, each revealing a weapon. The first car is the GouCannon. It represents Momotaro himself and is able to fire lasers. The second car is the Doggy Launcher. It represents the dog Momotaro befriends and is able to fire rockets named Doggy Bark. The third car is the Monkey Bomber. It represents the monkey Momotaro met and is able to launch bombs named Monkey Bomb. The fourth car contains the Birdie Missile that represents the pheasant that Momotaro met. It is a miniature bird with blade-like wings.
DenLiner Isurugi
DenLiner Isurugi is a turtle-style train that is activated when Den-O is in Rod Form. Composed of car five, the back of the car is able to open to release a turtle-like machine named Radome that Den-O uses as a hovercraft to travel on water. Isurugi is also able to fire lasers from its front. Isurugi can also combine with Gouka, but instead of staying in the back, it attaches to the front. In addition to Gouka's usual weaponry, Radome sits on top Isurugi, extending two blade-like lasers when attacking, chopping a Gigandeath in half.
DenLiner Rekkou
DenLiner Rekkou is an ax-style train that is activated when Den-O is in Ax Form. Composed of car six, five axes called the Side Ax appear from each side of the train along with one large ax called the Front Ax on the head. Rekkou is a primarily close range offensive train. The five axes on the sides can strike through the Gigandeath with the whole train facing upward, chopping through the enemy multiple times, or hold the monster at bay to deliver a pile-driver attack. Its most effective attack is when Rekkou's large ax on the front expands in length and Rekkou passes under the Gigandeath at full speed, slicing the target in half. It is also able to combine with Gouka, attaching to the front, which allows their weaponry to be combined. When combined with Ikazuchi, its axes on the side can create crescent waves shot at the Gigandeath.
DenLiner Ikazuchi
DenLiner Ikazuchi is a dragon-style train that is activated when Den-O is in Gun Form. Composed of cars seven and eight, the upper half is able to open up to reveal a dragon head while the rear half is able to reveal a dragon tail. The dragon's head is able to launch energy blasts and bite into Gigandeaths to fling them away. It is able to combine with all the other trains, forming a new DenLiner that contains eight cars, all in their respective forms. Ikazuchi's first car with the dragon head is in front, followed by Rekkou, Isurugi, Gouka. The end is the second part of the Ikazuchi, with the dragon tail (the Kanji names of these cars spell out "Lightning Speed"). Unlike other formations, Den-O stays atop of the dragon head with the Machine DenBird when fighting (in other formations, Den-O operates from within Gouka), performing a conjunction attack with a variation of his Wild Shot and a powerful bursting stream of energy from Ikazuchi's cannon.
The KingLiner is one of a set of giant red train-car-like structures composing the Time Station, which appears whenever there is a future junction formed. Normally, a KingLiner is in Station Mode, with a train track inside of it for smaller time trains to connect. But, whenever a time-train is in crisis, the KingLiner pinpoints the extact location and assumes Liner Mode to become a mobile time-train to aid the train in question. In this state, the KingLiner can use the King Launcher to attack and the King Fire to rocket-propel itself and brake to a full stop.
Much like Den-O, Zeronos has his own time traveling train, called the ZeroLiner. It is a steam locomotive and not a bullet train like the DenLiner. The ZeroLiner was thought to have been destroyed when the previous timeline was erased, but somehow arrived in the present to Airi and Sakurai, the later bestowing it for Yuto to use. Just like the DenLiner, the ZeroLiner's cars can link in a different order or link up with DenLiner itself. It can be used regardless of how many Zeronos Cards are left, even none.
ZeroLiner Drill
ZeroLiner Drill is a train car with a bull motif and a green A on either side. When the bull's head is flipped around, a giant drill bit is revealed. Like Den-O's Rekkou, the Drill relies on close range attacks, using the horns as offensive weapons. The drill bit can also allow the ZeroLiner to travel underground as well as run through Gigandeaths. The drill bit can also spin fast enough to create a powerful whirlwind blast.
ZeroLiner Naginata
ZeroLiner Naginata is a train car with a hawk motif and a yellow V on either side. On its back is a naginata, a pole weapon, called the Revolving Cutter. It can also function as a helicopter, proving to be very effective against aerial Gigandeath. Its most effective offense involves Zeronos flying the ZeroLiner towards the Gigandeath with the propeller slicing through the target.
Series:  Kamen Rider Den-O