Den-O Belt
The Den-O Belt is Kamen Rider Den-O's transformation belt. It is affixed with a device known as the SetTouch in the Terminal Buckle, which can read a Rider Pass and the Imagin contained on it. When the Rider Pass is swiped across the SetTouch, a transformation along with multiple form changes can occur. The belt has four buttons (red, blue, yellow, purple), each activating a specific form (Sword, Rod, Ax, Gun), known as the Form Switch. It is also used to activate the primary finisher, Full Charge. A variation of the belt, known as the Wing Buckle, is affixed with a gold winged plate where the Terminal Buckle would normally be and allows for the Wing Form transformation. Any Imagin contracted to a Rider Pass can also use the Den-O Belt to transform into the form they control.
The Combination Armament DenGasher is modeled after a bullet train and is Den-O's primary weapon. The DenGasher is composed of four separate parts that, when not in use, are attached to the Den-O Belt. Although the weapon configs aren't stuck to a specific form of Den-O, there are certain combinations which function best with its form. Climax Form typically uses it in Sword Mode. Liner Form can also use the DenGasher when the Den-Kamen Sword is unavailable. For Sword Form, the DenGasher is used in Sword Mode, which is formed by combining the Ax and Gun parts, which Momotaros usually lobs into the air, pulling out the Sword and Grip parts, and docking all four together as the joined Ax-Gun portion falls back down. Afterwards, a blade extends from the top of the sword. For Rod Form, the DenGasher is used in Rod Mode. The 4 parts are linked together in a straight line, one by one in the order of Sword, Gun, Ax, and Grip. Once complete, the DenGasher extends itself until it is the size of a staff, it can be used as a fishing rod or a harpoon. For Ax Form, the DenGasher is used in Ax Mode. The Grip & Gun parts are stacked on top of each other, creating the handle. The Sword part is then attached to the handle, followed by the Ax part, at which point the blade then extends and expands. For Gun Form, the DenGasher is used in Gun Mode, the Sword and Ax parts are stacked on top of each other. The Grip part is attached to the bottom of this, while the Gun part falls into place, forming the barrel. For Wing Form, the DenGasher has two modes, Handaxe Mode and Boomerang Mode, in which two pieces each are used for each weapon. The Sword and Grip parts form the Boomerang and the Ax and Gun parts form the Handaxe.
Climax Cellphone K-Taros is a special cellphone that was formed from the sandy remains of the Taros upon reacting to Ryotaro's feelings. Each of the buttons on the keypad correlate to a phrase that allows Ryotaro to call up one of Taros. Once attached to the Den-O Belt and the code 3-6-9-# is entered, Den-O can transform into Climax Form. The K-Taros can also summon the DenKamen Sword to evoke Liner Form. It can also be used as a normal cell phone, often being used to communicate with the DenLiner crew. 3-2-1 spells "Momo-Taro-S"; 6-5-4 spells "Ura-Taro-S"; 9-8-7 spells "Kin-Taro-S"; #-0-* spells "Ryu-Taro-S"; 3-6-9-# spells "Momo-Ura-Kin-Ryu" and this code allows for Den-O to become Climax Form.
DenKamen Sword
Multiple Rotation Sword DenKamen Sword is a broadsword with a blade in the shape of a clock hand, created by the Taros for Ryotaro, serving as a means of communication from the DenLiner. Rider Pass is inserted into it, Den-O assumes Liner Form to use the sword's full power. The Turntable hilt has the masks of the 4 Forms. The Turntable spins by pulling the Delta Lever, and the Taros can speak through the sword when the respective mask is spun to the blade side. The DenKamen Sword allows Ryotaro to use one of 5 finishing attacks. Ryotaro dubs these five attacks the Train Slash. In Momo-Sword Mode (default), Den-O performs a horizontal slash through the target with Gouka's AuraLiner covering him named the DenKamen Slash. In Ura-Rod Mode, Den-O executes a forward lunging stab with Isurugi's AuraLiner covering him named the DenKamen Attack. In Kin-Ax Mode, Den-O executes a forward bashing with Rekkou's AuraLiner covering him named the DenKamen Chop. In Ryu-Gun Mode, Den-O utilizes a projectile thrust attack at the target with Ikazuchi's AuraLiner covering him named the DenKamen Shot. By spinning the Turntable several complete rotations, the symbol in the center charges up and Ryotaro performs the Fullthrottle Break, with AuraLiners of all four trains flanking him on either side.
Zeronos Belt
The Zeronos Belt allows Yuto Sakurai to transform into Kamen Rider Zeronos. It uses the Up Set system and the Zeronos Card to transform and switch forms. There are several kinds of Zeronos Cards. The original cards had a green side (Altair Form) and a yellow side (Vega Form). A special variant of the Zeronos card had a green side, but a red side in order to start the process of changing Altair Form into Zero Form. A Zeronos Card can only be used once; when Zeronos cancels the transformation, the card evaporates if it is green, or rusts and breaks if its a red card. At his debut, Yuto had 10 green sided cards in a card holder on the Zeronos Belt until he used up the last in Ep 32. These cards are based on Yuto, representing the memories of those who know him. When a card is used, the memory of the elder Yuto's existence in present time is erased from non-Singularity Point people's memories. In Ep 35, elder Sakurai gave Yuto a new full card holder and an extra Zeronos Card. Yuto used the extra, displacing elder Sakurai from the time they were in. It is to be assumed that the new holder has infinite Cards left as long as there are people to remember him. When Yuto used the red card, it used the memories of Airi as a catalyst to permanently change Altair Form into Zero Form. All subsequent red cards now use the memories pertaining to Yuto instead of his future self. Although Yuto eventually uses up all of these new cards & in the finale, Deneb gives him with the last of the original green Zeronos cards. Through unknown means, Yuto eventually reappears with a new set of green Zeronos cards, allowing him to join Den-O in the fight against Negataros.
The Combination Armament ZeroGasher is Zeronos' primary weapon. It has 2 modes, Sabre and Bowgun. It has only two components, the blade and a triangular handle. Its components can be swapped with the Denebick Buster. For Sabre Mode, Zeronos attaches the handle to the blade with the tip of the triangle aligned to the blade. The Aura Sabre then grows, tripling in size. For Bowgun Mode, Zeronos flips the handle around and attaches it to the Blade perpendicularly. He then pulls back on the blade to open up the 'bow' component of the weapon.
Zeronos Nova
The Zeronos Nova are a set of cannons mounted on the shoulders of Zeronos' Vega Form. They are actually Deneb's open hands switched (right hand goes to the left shoulder) with his fingers acting as the cannon barrels. The Zeronos Nova fires from the inner cannons outward
Denebick Buster
The Super Combination Armament Denebick Buster is a weapon that Deneb is able to transform into when Zeronos is in Zero Form. The sides of the barrel have gold-colored versions of the Zeronos Nova attached to Deneb's face. Deneb can talk through this form. The barrel and the blade of the ZeroGasher Crossbow Mode can be interchanged, allowing Zero Form to dual-wield guns.
Series:  Kamen Rider Den-O