Panda Rabbit Imagin
The Panda Rabbit Imagin, a light-weight version of the Rabbit Imagin with a sword, finished his contract of getting its contract holder to the company he wanted to work at, nearly killing him in the process. He was about to go back into time, but got cut off by M-Ryotaro, who decided to use the weakling for Ryotaro to study his fighting moves as Kai looked on from afar. Though Sword Form succeeds in destroying the Imagin, Ryotaro travels back to time to understand the reason why the evil Imagin desire to go back to the past.
Episode 39
Snail Imagin
The two Snail Imagin serve Kai. Under Kai's orders, the female Snail Imagin, a sadist who carries a whip and babies her opponents, uses the teacher of Yuto Sakurai to go back into Yuto's past and take out the Yuto of that time, thus negating Yuto from the present timeline. Ryotaro refuses to accept this loss and assumes Liner Form to battle the female Snail Imagin, weakening her with the DenKamen Sword's other modes before finishing her off with MomoSword mode. In spite of her death, she succeeds in ridding her master of Sakurai by eliminating Yuto as it seemed. The male Snail Imagin, who uses a gun as his weapon, is later sent by Kai to abduct Hana to force Ryotaro to consider Kai's offer to aid him in ensuring an ideal future. But when Ryotaro refuses, the Snail Imagin attempts to kill him when Yuto manages to return to existence, forcing Kai to send the male Snail Imagin back into time to kill Sakurai. But this time, the Snail Imagin becomes the first to fall to Zeronos' new Zero Form. Based on The Snail and the Rosebush.
Episodes 39-40, 48-49 (Male), & Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: Final Countdown (Male)
Oct Imagin
The Oct Imagin is a red-colored version of the Kraken Imagin with suction-cup trimmings on its body. He intends to grant Shoko's wish by getting Yuto, even though the Imagin has to bring him alive for the contract to be completed. The Oct Imagin's arsenal includes ink smoke bombs and use of its tentacles to take control of any machines or inanimate object, turning the DenBird and a truck against Den-O. But once the Oct Imagin makes it to the past, he can now kill Yuto without any penalty, using the ZeroGasher against Zeronos. Although destroyed by the combined effort of Liner Form and Zero Form, a piece of his tentacle enters the AuraLiner used to kill it, turning it into a Hydra-like monster that the KingLiner destroys. Based on the Octopus and the Skull.
Episodes 41-42 & 49
Armadillo Imagin
Carrying a ball and chain as his weapon and able to roll up into a ball, the pain-mongering Armadillo Imagin completes his contract to "cut" Ozaki and goes back into the time when Ozaki was recruited by the Shirakaku. The Armdillo Imagin overpowers both Zeronos Zero Form and Den-O Liner Form until the DenLiner provides the two with an escape from the losing fight. However, the Imagin manages to stow onto the DenLiner and arrives at the Junction Point, seeing it much fun to smash the station. But Urataros and Kintaros hold him off with Ryutaros supporting them until both Momotaros and Ryotaro arrive. Each of the Taros fight the Imagin in their respective Den-O forms before combining into Climax Form to finish him off, their teamwork overpowering his strength. Based on the Armadillo's Song.
Episodes 43-44, & Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: Final Countdown
The Albinoleo Imagin is Kai's subordinate, a stronger white version of the Leo Imagin. Sent to kill Airi, he easily overpowers Den-O Liner Form and Zeronos Zero Form until Sakurai arrives, turning the tables. After being pummeled by the trio of Riders, the two Kamen Riders Zeronos leave the Albinoleo Imagin open for Liner Form's DenKamen Slash, which destroys him. Based on The Coward and the Lion of Gold.
Episodes 43-46, & Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: Final Countdown
Snowman Imagin
Using a cane as his weapon, the Snowman Imagin fulfills his contract with the Storekeeper, emptying out his stock by giving them to everyone as presents. Den-O Sword Form fails to stop the Imagin from going back in time to find the Ryotaro of that time. But Liner Form is able to destroy the Snowman Imagin when he attempts to outrun the final blow.
Episode 45
Death Imagin
The Death Imagin is the leading force of Kai's Imagin army, more of a manifestation of Kai's will and remaining memories rather than an everyday Imagin, being a separate entity while still an integral part of Kai himself. Though he overpowered both Den-O Liner Form and Zeronos Zero Form, the Death Imagin was eventually destroyed by Den-O Sword Form and the combined energies of all the good Imagin, killing Kai as a result. Based on Death's Messengers.
Episodes 48-49
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