Maya Young
By looking at her, you would think she was just another beautiful face, in reality she is actually interested into conspiracy theories. Maya moved to L.A. to attend college, leaving her parents behind. She works at her Aunt's bookstore, where she has a small "sanctum" in the back room. She was an investigative journalist-blogger for, until she was fired for supposedly posting fake info. Once she is pulled into a mirror by a Gelnewt, she is able to see Ventara and the Riders, she was determined to help Kit and Len in any way she could. Her information was stolen by Michelle Walsh, and Kit was taken by the No-Men, she helped him escape along with Len and Kase. When the Advent Master returned and the gang joined forces with the No-Men, Maya was temporarily made into Kamen Rider Siren. After Xaviax is defeated, she writes a 'fictional' book on the Riders' saga and started a relationship with Price, the original Kamen Rider Strike.
Lacey Sheridan
Lacey has been Maya's best friend since they were young. While Maya is focused on conspiracy interests, Lacey is more concerned about fashion, partying, and boys. Lacy frequently attempts to get Maya involved into her interests, but without much luck. She is very skeptical and non believing about the Kamen Riders, until she witnesses it and fears for Maya's safety and steals her information with a flash drive from Michelle Walsh. When Maya finds out what Lacey did, she feels betrayed but forgives her and deletes all the info off her computer. When her friends stay to help the Kamen Riders in the No-Men base, Lacey goes back to her normal life. After Xaviax is defeated, she was in charge of the clothing section of the new Grace's mega store.
Trent Moseley
Trent is an intense, emo guy who shares Maya's interest in conspiracy theories and alien visitations. Although he claims to hate everything, he has a crush on Maya but hasn't reveal this to her. He works at Maya's aunt's bookstore with her, until he is accepted by the No-Men, after hacking into their system to save Kit and if he didn't, he would be arrested. He then help the Kamen Riders under a bigger capacity. He remained with the No-Men after defeating Xaviax.
Grace Kiefer
Grace is Maya's aunt and she runs a bookstore, in which Maya and Trent work at. She acts as a surrogate mother and big sister for Maya. She thinks Maya's interest in conspiracies is goofy. Grace is into yoga and all things that are new age. After Xaviax is defeated, she has a big-chain book store.
Frank Taylor
Kit's father who mysteriously disappeared more than a year ago without reason or clues to where he went to Kit. Kit believes his dad left him the Advent Deck for him since he found it in his apartment. Thanks to Maya, Kit finds out that his dad was abducted by Xaviax's army. They later find him in a hospital, in a near coma, being sucked of all of his energy. Kit later finds out that Xaviax was behind Frank being how he is. Xaviax offer to save Frank, as long as Kit followed him and stand idly by as Earthlings get turned into prisoners on Xaviax's home planet. After Xaviax is defeated, Frank is healed by Eubulon and reunited with his son Kit.
Detective Grimes
Detective Grimes is a police detective who personally knew Kit's father Frank and is concerned for Kit Taylor.
Michelle Walsh
To Maya, Michelle Walsh was a website reporter who was too arrogant to realize what is really happening in the city. When Maya tried to attract Kamen Rider Sting, Michelle took photos that indicated that Maya faked a monster abduction resulting in Maya being fired. Later, Michelle convinced Lacey to steal the info from Maya's computer. Michelle was revealed to be the member of a government agency known as the "No-Men." She is instructed by Agent Phillips to go after Kit and capture him. Kit manages to escape thanks to his pals. After that, she heads out in pursuit of the Kit, Len, Kase, Maya, Trent and Lacey. Following a long battle with only Len surviving, she takes them to Eubulon. She has to the boss to Trent and Maya as they helped defeat Xaviax together and apologizes for her rude behavior.
Agent Phillips
Agent Phillips is the head of the "No-Men," when he received the info from Michelle about the Kamen Riders, and Xaviax, he instructed Michelle to apprehend Kit. Agent Phillips arranged for a "demonstration" by having the door to Kit's cell opened to lead him to a Mirror Monster. Following the venting of Kit, Agent Phillips led Len, Maya, Lacey, and Trent to where Eubulon was held. Agent Phillips offered Trent to be one of the No-Men. He is currently assisting the Kamen Riders using the No-Men's headquarters as the temporary base for the Kamen Riders until they defeated Xaviax.
The original Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Adam's girlfriend who believes she is still in Ventara while she is in a dimension created by Xaviax. Adam finally confesses to her after Xaviax was defeated. In the end, they remained together and helped the Ventarans rebuild Ventara.
Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight