Name: Chris Ramirez
Designation: Kamen Rider Sting
Weapons: Evil Whip, Evil Visor
Advent Deck: Mantaray
Advent Cards: Swing Vent, Copy Vent, Final Vent
Contract Beast: Evildiver
Four generations of Ramirez men have serve the United States armed forces since World War I until Chris' Asthma had grown to advanced for him to serve in the Marines. He received a full medical discharge from boot camp, which terribly angered his father, who is very passionate about family tradition. Xaviax came to him posing as a Special Agent, who offers him a secret 'job' to be a Kamen Rider. He is lied to into thinking he is serving his country. He becomes friends with Kit, who sort of pries in his strained relationship with his dad. Kit suggests telling his father that he is a Kamen Rider. Chris takes fighting the monsters seriously and rather do things alone than work as a team. He crosses Len and fights him, even though Len doesn't want to. He even patrols areas to reduce disappearances. Even though his asthma becomes stronger and leaves him with a weak-point in fighting the Kamen Riders, he continues in fighting for what he believes is right. Being inspired by Len's training mantra to make every blow count, he destroys a monster on his own and later stands in the way of Strike's final vent towards Len. Unfortunately, Chris is vented as a result. His contact beast is Evildiver, a flying mechanical stringray, which is later stolen by Kamen Rider Thrust. His Evil Visor resembles Evildiver and has a small shield mounted on his left forearm. The original Kamen Rider Sting was taken out of the void and helped defeat Xaviax. In the epilogue, Maya says that Eubulon healed Chris' asthma and he became a marine.
Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight