Name: Danny Cho
Designation: Kamen Rider Axe
Weapons: Dest Visor, Dest Claw
Advent Deck: Tiger
Advent Cards: Final Vent, Destwilder, Strike Vent, Freeze Vent
Contract Beast: Destwilder
Danny Cho and his brother steal parts from motorcycles to sell them for profit. He claims they had a disadvantaged childhood. The brothers are wooed by Xaviax to be part of a 'big score' heist and subtract the Kamen Riders in their way. Their main interest is money. He wanted revenge against Dragon Knight for venting his brother Albert, but Xaviax reminded him Kit should not be vented as he has bigger plans for him. Danny picked a fight with Kit and Kamen Rider Siren intervened, having Danny retreat. Xaviax then punished him and had JTC go to vent him. JTC had a heart-to-heart, telling him Xaviax is too strong to mess with and put the revenge aside. Danny did not listen and JTC fought him, giving him one last chance. Danny then went on to fight Kit once again and ended up being vented by JTC. His contract beast is Destwilder, an armored tiger monster and he wields an axe. The original Kamen Rider Axe, Hunt, was taken out of the void and helped defeat Xaviax. In the epilogue, Maya says that Eubulon took the Earth Riders from the Advent Void, erased their memories of ever being Riders and he returned to his regular life.
Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight