Name: Drew Lansing
Designation: Kamen Rider Torque
Weapons: Giga Launcher, Giga Cannon, Giga Armor, Magnu Visor
Advent Deck: Bull
Advent Cards: Shoot Vent, Shoot Vent, Guard Vent, Magnugiga, and Final Vent
Contract Beast: Magnugiga
Xaviax has been honest to Drew about his plans to kidnap the entire race of humans of Earth and enslave them to rebuild his home planet and give him every luxury ever. 22-year-old charismatic con-man Drew has no problem with betraying his people, in order to enjoy his luxuries. His Contract Beast is Magnugiga, a giant robotic bull. His weapon of choice is a gun, in which he can load an Advent Deck. Drew tricks Kit into believing Len is the enemy and the true traitor, not Adam, the original Dragon Knight. He called Kit 'Kid' which sounds a lot like his name. Drew feels betrayed by Xaviax when Kamen Rider Camo is sent against Wing Knight, so he vents Camo. Drew then tries to ally himself with Kamen Rider Thrust to destroy both Xaviax and Wing Knight but is unsuccessful. The original Kamen Rider Torque was taken out of the void and helped defeat Xaviax. In the epilogue, Maya says that Eubulon took the Earth Riders from the Advent Void, erased their memories of ever being Riders and he returned to his regular life.
Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight