Name: Hunt
Designation: Kamen Rider Axe
Weapons: Dest Visor, Dest Claw
Advent Deck: Tiger
Advent Cards: Final Vent, Destwilder, Strike Vent, Freeze Vent
Contract Beast: Destwilder
The original Kamen Rider Axe, he was vented by Xaviax while he slept. He was taken out of the Advent Void by Master Eubulon after Maya was made Kamen Rider Siren. He likes to works alone. Adam tried to talk to him about Xaviax tricking him and him wanting to go back to the team, but Hunt didn't want to hear it and wanted him to go to Eubulon. He helped destroy Xaviax one and for all, he remained the permanent Kamen Rider Axe.
Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight