Name: James 'JTC' Trademore
Designation: Kamen Rider Strike
Weapons: Veno Saber, Veno Visor
Advent Deck: Cobra
Advent Cards: Sword Vent, Venosnaker, Strike Vent, Swing Vent, Steal Vent, Unite Vent, Final Vent
Contract Beast: Venosnaker, Metalgelas, Evildiver, Genosider
JTC is a legendary blogger and hacker in the internet cryptozoology scene. Cryptozoology is the study of and search for animals that fall outside of realm. Maya sort of admires him and he uses this to his advantage. He informs her of 'daywalkers' in the hospital which leads her to Kit's father and brings her pictures of Kamen Rider Sting to 'get the facts,' that were too hot to e-mail. He is a UFO conspiracy theorist and is wanted by the US government for hacking their computers and stealing secret files. When he was arrested by the government and interrogated by the No-Men, Xaviax gave him a way out. James was more concerned with his own freedom than the fate of his fellow humans. He has many ulterior motives as he works for Xaviax and wields the dangerous Venosnaker, a giant mechanical cobra. Kamen Rider Strike is deadly against the other Riders, as he vents Kamen Rider Thurst, Torque and Sting. He hates the government because his brother was once in prison for something he didn't do, his brother tried escaping and got him a life sentence without parole.

James sympathized with Danny after Kit vented his brother Albert, trying to convince him not to seek out revenge because Xaviax wants Dragon not to be touched. Strike later vented Axe in front of Dragon, Siren and Wing Knight. When Xaviax as Wrath and James had Lacey and Trent as hostages, he crushed Lacey's cell phone and she told him he had to pay for it. Xaviax gave a boost to Strike's deck and James stole the Sting, and Thrust decks from Len when he and the gang was escaping from the No-Men. He is able to create Genosider, using Thrust's Metalgelas and Sting's Evildiver. Genosider is a dangerous and formidable Advent Beast. James vents Kase and Len in exchange vented him. Unlike his other Earth Riders, Xaviax respected James and never tricked him as James remained loyal to him. The original Kamen Rider Strike was taken out of the void and helped defeat Xaviax and became romantically involved with Maya. In the epilogue, Maya says that Eubulon took the Earth Riders from the Advent Void, erased their memories of ever being Riders and he returned to his regular life.

Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight