Name: Price
Designation: Kamen Rider Strike
Weapons: Veno Saber, Veno Visor
Advent Deck: Cobra
Advent Cards: Sword Vent, Venosnaker, Strike Vent, Swing Vent, Steal Vent, Unite Vent, Final Vent
Contract Beast: Venosnaker
The original Kamen Rider Strike, he was vented by Xaviax while he slept. He was taken out of the Advent Void by Master Eubulon after Maya was made Kamen Rider Siren. Trent and Maya were initially afraid of him as they mistook him for JTC. Price is unnerved by how Kit, Trent, and Maya look at him. It takes a while for Maya to get close or trust Price, but eventually they become a romantic item. He helped destroy Xaviax one and for all, he remained the permanent Kamen Rider Strike.
Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight