Name: Richie Preston
Designation: Kamen Rider Incisor
Weapons: Scissors Visor, Scissors Pincer, Guard
Advent Deck: Crab
Advent Cards: Volcancer, Strike Vent, Guard Vent, and Final Vent
Contract Beast: Volcancer
Richie Preston is a 21 year-old spoiled, unreliable, lazy, and pompous young man whose father is unbelievably rich. He believes it is his father's fault that he is so spoiled by giving him every privilege. His father was poor and worked from the way up. Xaviax appears to him as Walter Conners, the supposed new attorney of his father and tells him he no longer lives in his parents' mansion. He offers him an ultimatum: either a lame job or become a Kamen Rider and take out Wing Knight, under the pretense that it is a fight club. He knows enough martial arts to 'impress the girls.' After fighting Dragon Knight and Wing Knight, his motorcycle is towed away as he didn't finish his payments. Volcancer is his humanoid crab monster. Richie is over exhausted in a battle and a blast from Wing Knight towards Volcancer, causes Volcancer to be destroyed and Richie to be vented. When one is vented, they are trapped in the Advent Void, which is between of the Earth and Ventara and the person will never return. Eubulon took out the original Incisor, who help defeat Xaviax. In the epilogue, Maya says that Eubulon took the Earth Riders from the Advent Void, erased their memories of ever being Riders and he returned to his regular life.
Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight