The first of the Mirror Monsters Kit encountered, it uses its webbing and legs to grab people and pull them through reflective surfaces and mirrors. Even though first destroyed by Wing Knight's Final Vent, Xaviax gave it a new form. The monster is finally destroyed by Dragon Knight's Final Vent and Dragredder absorbed its remains.
"Search for the Dragon" and "Contract with the Dragon"
She is a female red Longhorn Beetle monster. She was destroyed by the combination of Dragon Knight's final vent and Wing Knight's Final Vent.
"A Rider's Challenge"
He is a male blue Longhorn Beetle monster that wields a boomerang. He was sent by Xaviax as an example to Torque to why he selects his particular victims. He counters Kit's Sword Vent so Kit summoned his Strike Vent as a diversion to get to his sword. Managing to escape, Kit and Len later encounter the monster by the pier and followed him through the mirror. After a fight with the Newt Monsters, the Blue Beetle was destroyed with a Final Vent combination by Dragon Knight and Wing Knight. This monster appears in a flashback where Wing Knight is fighting three monsters at night.
"The Power of Two" and "A Rider's Resolve"
Black-Headed Zebraskull
A black-headed zebra monster with an extending ability, Xaviax created it to assist Drew Lansing in his plan. Len fought this monster and it was driven away by Drew. Kit encountered this monster again in Ventara. The Zebra monster was destroyed by Torque's Shoot Vent.
"The Power of Two" and "Kamen Rider Torque"
White-Headed Zebraskull
A white-headed zebra monster, Xaviax created it to assist Drew Lansing in his plan. Kit took this monster on after fighting Xaviax's troops. Kit used his Final Vent to destroy the Zebra monster.
"The Power of Two" and "Kamen Rider Torque"
Wild Gigazelles
These two Gazelle monsters that fought Len. They were destroyed by Dragon Knight and Wing Knight's Final Vents. A purple Gigazelle fought Kamen Rider Sting in a flashback. More of them later appeared when summoned by Kamen Rider Spear.
"Friend or Foe," "The Hero of Gramercy Heights," "Semper Fi"
A red wild boar monster that used charging attacks. When Len was chasing after Drew, the boar attacked Len. The monster withdrawed when Kamen Rider Torque fought Len. Another one appeared in a flashback were it was destroyed by its own attack deflected by Kamen Rider Sting.
"Friend or Foe" and "The Hero of Gramercy Heights"
Green Shark
A teal shark monster with water-spewing abilities, it abducted Maya only to run into Len. While Kit and Drew were fighting Kamen Rider Camo, Len engaged the monster until it retreated.
"Kamen Rider Camo"
Green Hammerhead
A green hammerhead shark monster with missile launchers, whom attacked Kit and Drew. Kit had been using the cards that had been modifying Drew who used them to attack the monster. This monster was destroyed by Kamen Rider Dragon Knight's Strike Vent and Kamen Rider Torque's Launch Vent.
"Kamen Rider Camo"
Blue Chested Squid
A blue squid monster with alight blue chest that wields a constricting tentacle-like whip. It attacked Dragon Knight and Thrust. This monster was destroyed by Thrust's Final Vent.
"Battle Club"
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