A jellyfish monster that can attack with the electrodes on his forearms. The No-Men planted it for a 'demostration' between it and Kit, to see how Kamen Rider technology functions. Kit destroyed it with the Final Vent, with Dragredder absorbed its energy.
"Attack of the No-Men"
A blue wild boar monster that can use it's chest armor for a shield. It attacked Kit after his escape from the No-Men's headquarters. Kit transformed into Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and easily destroyed it with his Final Vent.
"A Dragon Caged"
A red and black Fenghuang monster with a tribal personality (including the turkey-feathered headdress) that wields a tomahawk weapon. It was destroyed by the Final Vent of the original Kamen Rider Axe, Hunt.
"Out of the Void"
A green armored Fenghuang monster with Peacock feathers designed on its armor. It wields a ring-shaped weapon. This monster was destroyed by the Shoot Vent of Adam as Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.
"Out of the Void"
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