General Xaviax
General Xaviax has already conquered Ventara, the homeworld of Len and enslaved its inhabitants. The Kamen Riders were Ventara's only hope, but Xaviax stole their Advent Decks and destroyed all of the Riders except for Wing Knight. Now Xaviax intends to conquer and transport Earhlings he deems good candidates through their DNA to work on rebuilding his home planet, by deceiving young men into being his new corrupted Kamen Riders. Xaviax was revealed to be the one behind Kit's father being drained. He possessed Kamen Rider Wrath's body after James vented Danny Cho and he vented Kit, Wrath's body was vented, leaving Len the only activated Rider. Xaviax took the Dragon deck and gave it to Adam, the original Dragon Knight, the only Rider for him to manipulate against a team of six good Riders. Xaviax was going to successfully transport the Earthlings to Karsh but all 13 Riders destroy Xaviax once and for all, using their Link advent cards.
These newt-like footsoldiers come in a horde and serve Xaviax's purpose to kidnap people he deems worthy into Ventara in order to rebuild his home planet. They carry shurikens on their backs that they use as weapons. They were later upgraded into Sheerghosts.
Sheerghosts are a large group of larval Dragonfly monsters that serve as Xaviax's alternative foot soldiers. Len, Kase, and the original Kamen Riders are shown fighting them in a flashback. They can evolve into two different monsters Raydragoons and Hydragoons. When Xaviax took Kamen Rider Wrath's body, he upgraded the Gelnewts into Sheerghosts.
Series:  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight