Accel Forms
Accel Bike Form
The power of the Accel Memory allows Kamen Rider Accel to assume a motorcycle-like form called Bike Form. This form is accessed by removing the Accel Driver buckle from the belt when the Face Flasher lights up and when transformed, it allows Kamen Rider Accel to reach speeds of 920 km/h. In Kamen Rider W Forever: A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate, Bike Form has its own Maximum Drive after the Engine Memory is inserted in the Accel Driver and Accel switches to Bike Form: a super-powered dash through the target.
Kamen Rider Accel Bike Form can combine with the RevolGarry's Turbuler unit to become the AccelTurbuler. Not only does Accel have use of the Scramble Cutter guns, he can also transform his upper body back out of Bike Form to execute a Maximum Drive in which he pierces through his target in the shape of a burning letter A. Bike Form can also combine with Kamen Rider Double's Boilder or Splasher units to become the AccelBoilder or the AccelSplasher respectively.
Kamen Rider Accel Bike Form can combine with the Gunner A to become the AccelGunner. The Accel Memory links with the Gaia Cannon to release energy similar to a Maximum Drive called the Gunner Full Break. It is also armed with the Gattling Wheel, Bike Form's back wheel turned into a machine gun.
Accel Trial
This is the powered up form for Kamen Rider Accel. It is much faster but its armor and overall power is weaker as a result. It makes up for its weakness by being able to punch and kick much faster, as well as increasing his overall movement speed. Once the Maximum Drive is started, Accel Trial can only be used for another 10 seconds before being forcibly reverted to human form. The transformation is retained if the Trial Maximum Drive is successfully executed in under 10 seconds. This form's Maximum Drive is the Machine Gun Spike Rider Kick, a series of multiple kicks in a row which leave treadmarks in the form of a T. The power of this Maximum Drive is only limited by how many kicks Accel Trial can perform within the 10 second time limit. When Accel Trial combines the Trial Maximum Drive with the Engine Maximum Drive, he can do the Machine Gun Slasher Maximum Drive, repeatedly slashing the target in the time limit rather than kicking. While transforming from into Accel Trial, Kamen Rider Accel changes colors from red, to yellow, and then finally to blue as Accel Trial.
Accel Booster
Kamen Rider Accel Booster is a powered up form of Kamen Rider Accel that is set to appear in Accel's version of the Kamen Rider W Returns DVD releases. This yellow-colored form of Accel uses the wind power of Futo channeled through the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter, increasing Accel's power three-fold. Accel Booster has more armoring than Accel Trial and also has three times as much thermal energy output.