Ankh is the avian-like Greeed who is a dishonest unpredictable individual who sees people for their flaws and is at odds with the other Greeed. Ankh believes that he has the right to get whatever he wants and detests having to give something away. He was only able to manifest back into existence as his right forearm as he is missing most of his Core Medals. He stole the other Greeed's Core Medals to juice his own powers. He loses one of his Medals when Eiji takes it by accident. Ankh initially wanted to force Eiji to return his Medal, only to be saved by Eiji from the Kamakiri Yummy sent after him. Intending to make Eiji a pawn in his scheme, Ankh saves the human by making him a Kamen Rider. After the Yummy is destroyed, Ankh takes the body of the detective Shingo Izumi who was mortally wounded in the attack, causing Shingo's hair to change color. He kept Shingo's body alive as a temporary vessel, so he could move about unnoticed while feeding on as many Cell Medals as he can to regain his complete form. While using Shingo's body, he can read his memories.

Ankh can remain separated from Shingo's body, but in order to keep Shingo alive, the separation can't go over 10 minutes. Ankh eventually find himself compromising his original plan, having underestimating Eiji's strength of will and reluctantly cooperates with Eiji to save human lives in exchange that Eiji continue gathering Cell Medals. Though Eiji plays him at times, Ankh still prefers working with Eiji over with his fellow Greeed as the human is honest about his motives. Ankh avoids eating poultry due to his connection to birds. Ankh is often seen carrying an iPad or iPhone to gather information on the current era as well as to keep track on the ownership of the Core Medals. He also receives a gift from Hina in the form of the O Medal Holder to place his Core Medals in. In episode 17, he claims that he cannot create Yummy for an undisclosed reason. He is also unable to fully regenerate his body even after acquiring a total of four Core Medals, only able to project a single rainbow-hued wing from his right shoulder before collapsing in pain.

Hina Izumi
Hina Izumi is Shingo's sister, who has superhuman strength and it embarrasses her a bit. She began working at the Cous Coussier restaurant as the Greeed awaken and was worried for her brother's well being when she eventually learns of the incident he was in. To prevent her from worrying, Eiji sends her a message stating Shingo is on an undercover mission and won't be home for a long time. Eiji later tells her the truth, while promising to save her brother. Eventually realizing his reason of looking after Ankh, Hina convinces him to work at the Cous Coussier so she can care for her brother's body. She often uses her super strength to keep Ankh in line if he begins to treat her brother's body poorly or when he does something she doesn't agree with. Ankh doesn't like her and the two often argue, with only Hina's strength allowing her to win arguments. Hina eventually comes to realize she has been relying on Eiji's need to help to an unhealthy degree, and is taking steps to ensure Eiji doesn't blindly sacrifice himself for other people's sakes. After much contemplation, Hina also realizes she has come to care for Ankh, and wants both Ankh and Eiji, as well as her brother, to make it out of the Medal conflict alive. During the events of Super Hero Taisen, after Eiji was seemingly killed, Hina was under the care of Daiki Kaito, and the Gokaigers' Joe and Don to solve the reason while Tsukasa Kadoya and Captain Marvelous are attacking both Kamen Riders and Super Sentai.
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