The Ray-Rhino Yummy is created by Kazari, absorbing Gamel's two Core Medals prior, created using the desires of Yumi Sakura, a researcher for the Beauty Marine Lab cosmetics company and an old friend of Akira Date. Though Kazari's plan was a failure at first, the Yummy egg holding the Ray-Rhino Yummy manages to talk Yumi into succumbing to her desire of being more beautiful than her younger sister Rei. As she takes him with her, she comes across Eiji and Ankh and the egg sends out several small Ray Yummy to attack them and hold them at bay, allowing her to become more beautiful. The egg eventually hatches into his complete Yummy form to hold Rei captive so Yumi can assume control of Beauty Marine Lab before Date intervenes and takes the Cell Medals that make up the Ray-Rhino Yummy's rhinoceros attributes with his upgraded Drill Arm. This causes the large Ei Yummy to evolve further into the giant Devilray Yummy, which is only finally destroyed by Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo's Octo Banish.
The Parrot Yummy are a series of cockatoo Yummy created by a being identical to Ankh, able to use fire-based attacks. The first of these is a Blue Parrot Yummy created through the desire of boxer Kazuki Okamura to enter the ring once more. To do so, the Blue Parrot Yummy attacks strong armed men and petrifies their arms to heal Okamura of his medical condition. The Blue Parrot Yummy is also charged with the task of taking Ankh's Core Medals. He initially manages to overpower both of the Kamen Riders, but Kamen Rider Birth uses the Birth Day armor to immobilize the blue Parrot Yummy such that Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo can land the final blow.A Red Parrot Yummy later appears to continue the task of retrieving Ankh's Core Medals, only to be destroyed by Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo.
The Squid-Jaguar Yummy is created by Kazari through the desire of a former Shocker Combatman In Sendo to beat the Kamen Riders. The Squid-Jaguar Yummy has the agility of a jaguar and the strength of a squid at his disposal, wearing a belt whose buckle is similar to the Shocker symbol. He is ultimately destroyed by Kamen Rider OOO Shauta Combo controlling Kamen Rider Birth's CLAWs Sasori.
The product of Sendo's desire for like-minded allies to defeat the Kamen Riders, the Combatman Yummy based on the grunts from past villainous groups who fought against Kamen Riders, whom Sendo refers to as the "past generation combatmen". The Combatmen Yummy include: the Shocker Combatmen Yummy, the Destron Combatmen Yummy, the Jin Fighter Yummy, the Chap Yummy, the Makamou Ninja Group Yummy, the Worm Yummy (Pupa Form), the Leo Soldier Yummy, and the Masquerade Dopant Yummy. They fight Kamen Rider OOO but are eventually all destroyed by Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol Combo's Magna Blaze Giga Scan.
The Orca-Panda Yummy is created by Kazari by using the desires held by Kiyoto Maki to see his deceased sister Hitomi. The Orca-Panda Yummy has a bear hug-like attack and claws on his right arm, along with a spinning attack with the killer whale-like left arm. Eventually, Kamen Rider OOO Takajaba keeps the Yummy occupied long enough to be destroyed by Kamen Rider Birth's Cell Burst.
Black Swallowtail
The Black Swallowtail Yummy is a Spangle Yummy created by Uva using the desire held by Kosuke Sakata, a pawn in his Cell Medal scheme who worked to earn money to pay back the family of his late teacher. As a result, the Black Swallowtail Yummy acts on stealing money and distributing it across the city, causing anarchy among the people as they fight over it. She is overpowered by the concerted efforts of Kamen Riders OOO and Birth, with Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol Combo using the Giga Scan to destroy her.
Two Pteranodon Yummy appear as antagonists in the Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider OOO & W Featuring Skull: Movie War Core films, created by Giru. After being driven away by Nobunaga as Kamen Rider Birth, a male Pteranodon Yummy appears in Futo to collect the memory of all past Kamen Riders battles with Memeory Memory, finding an ideal one by using the Gaia Memory on Akiko to reveal how her father became Kamen Rider Skull. After Kamen Rider Core is created, the male Pteranodon is later destroyed by Kamen Riders Accel and Birth. A female Pteranodon Yummy appears in the Nobunaga's Desire portion of the film during Kamen Rider OOO's fight against Nobunaga, created from Yoshino Akechi's ballet shoes after her desire to dance is shattered with her strained foot. The female Pteranodon meddles in Kamen Rider OOO's fight with Nobunaga before being destroyed by OOO Gatakiriba Combo.

Another pair of Pteranodon Yummy appear in the television series in episode 32, after the Purple Core Medals enter Eiji's body. They proceed on using their mist to dissolve people into nothingness until Kamen Riders OOO and Birth show up. The two Yummy hold the Kamen Riders at bay until the purple Core Medals react and transform Kamen Rider OOO into Putotyra Combo, using its Scanning Charge to shatter the female Pteranodon after freezing her, and then vaporize the Pteranodon male with the Strain Doom Putotyranno Hissatsu. After having the other Core Medals enter his body, Maki produces a Pteranodon Yummy using the candle he had used to burn his sister to death. This Pteranodon Yummy is soon used to by Maki to test Eiji's worth as a more ideal holder of the purple Core Medals, easily destroyed by Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo.

The Owl Yummy is created by Ankh (Lost) from the desires of Yuichi Kitamura, a former high school friend of Eiji's who became rich through an Internet venture and wanted no one else to be Eiji's friend. To that end, the Owl Yummy targets Date and Shintaro, using the latter to escape from Kamen Rider OOO Sagohzo Combo. After the two of them are freed, Kamen Rider OOO fights against the Yummy again in Putotyra Combo and destroys him with the Strain Doom Putotyranno Hissatsu.
The Unicorn Yummy is created by Doctor Maki from the second place trophy of Shoko Sugiura that she won at design contest held by Hina's fashion school. Because he is the product of a shattered dream, the Unicorn Yummy uses his power to remove the lifelong dreams of anyone he comes across and destroys it, thus robbing people of their purpose and eventually causing them to fall into comas. Among the Yummy's victims is Hina Izumi, destroying her dream of becoming a world-renowned fashion designer. Later, unable to destroy Eiji's dream because it was too large for him to destroy, the Unicorn Yummy is supported by Uva, Mezool, and Gamel in fighting the Kamen Riders until he is destroyed by Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra Combo's Strain Doom Putotyranno Hissatsu with his victims restored to normal.
The Urchin-Armadillo Yummy is created by Mezool using a Cell Medal on a sleepy Gamel. The Urchin-Armadillo Yummy acts on a scheme to cause insomnia on those he hits with his spines, until the desire to sleep becomes strong enough that he puts everyone to sleep and gets full of Cell Medals. Although he manages to withstand Kamen Rider OOO's attacks with the Medagabryu, he is destroyed when the Kamen Rider eventually gains the upper hand as Takauba in conjunction with the Medagabryu.
The Gamecock Yummy is created by Ankh (Lost) using the desires of Tomoko Shimoda, a deranged perfectionist who bullies her husband, Gonzo Shimoda, to use his position as the new neighborhood association president to put surveillance cameras around the area so the Yummy can attack anyone she considers a horrible neighbor. Able to use a Muay Thai fighting style, the Gamecock Yummy can use the ribbons on his wings to attack and manipulate objects. He is destroyed by Kamen Rider OOO Latorartar Combo's Gush Cross Scanning Charge.
The Ankylosaurus Yummy is created by Doctor Maki from shards of ice that Ankh (Lost) broke apart after still feeling incomplete because he is missing one more Medal. The Ankylosaurus Yummy's body is covered in sharp thorns and his right hand ends in a powerful mace-like ball. He can also fire shards of ice out of his body and spray freezing mist. While fighting Kamen Rider Birth, the Ankylosaurus Yummy is destroyed when hit by the Breast Cannon's Cell Burst at point blank range.
The Vulture Yummy is created by Ankh from Kusada who is revealed to be Uva's host and thus the Yummy acts on two desires: Kusada's wish to be the sole male so he can have all the women and Uva's desire for a new body. In battle, the Vulture Yummy is able to create whirlwinds by flapping his wings. Though destroyed by the teamwork of Kamen Rider OOO Shagorita and Kamen Rider Birth, the Vulture Yummy succeeds in his ulterior motive by having his remains used by Ankh to revive Uva.
The Nue Yummy is a baboon Yummy augmented with the features of a leopard and an anaconda, appearing as an antagonist in the movie Kamen Rider OOO Wonderful: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals. Speaking though the skull covering his left hand, the Nue Yummy can breathe fire and jump distances. The Nue Yummy is created by Gara to enter the time distorted Edo to take Ankh's Core Medals, later returning with a platoon of Knights to obtain the purple Core Medals and the orange Core Medals in the possession of Tokugawa Yoshimune. However, the Nue Yummy ends up facing Kamen Rider OOO when he assumes Burakawani Combo and destroys the Yummy with his Scanning Charge.
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