Space Ironmen
The Space Ironmen are fictional characters that appear in Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Space, Here We Come!. They are three Machine Organismsinfused with Cosmic Energy created by Professor Blink to be used for good. However, becoming self-aware, the Kyodyne had other plans and fatally injured Blink.
The Space Ironmen Kyodyne are the first two evil Space Ironmen who suddenly became activated and gained their own personalities, seeing themselves as superior to humans. Before dying from his injuries, Professor Blink has XVII remove the Kyodynes' functions and send them to Earth as humans. However, creating the organization OSTO Legacy as a front, the Kyodyne employ the Kamen Rider Club to restore their full abilities and use XVII to launch an attack on Earth.
Groundyne is the blue car-like older brother of the Kyodyne who was forced to assume the identity of Harumi Saeba, the general manager of OSTO Legacy. He tricks the Kamen Rider Club into disabling XVII so he and Skydyne can regain their abilities. As Groundyne, he is armed with a powerful cannon built into his chest called the Grounbuster X and has the ability to use his Cosmic Energy to summon Dustards like the Horoscopes. Groundyne is able to transform into a car-like form known as the Grouncar.
Skydyne is the red jet-like younger sister of the Kyodyne, who acts in her human form as Shizuka Shirayama, Saeba's personal secretary. Like her brother, she gains her own personality and wants to rebel against humanity. She is armed with built-in blades in her arms. Skydyne is able to transform into a jet-like form called the Skyjet.
Black Knight
Black Knight is the third Space Ironman created by the Alicia Federation who works alongside an agent from the Alicia Federation named Inga Blink. Unlike the Kyodyne, Black Knight had not developed at the same mental capacity and is loyal to his human partner. His strong armor making him more defense than offensive, Black Knight is armed with a rapier called the Blackest Leaver and a machine gun built into his chest. Black Knight sacrificed himself in order to protect Inga and the Kamen Rider Club from the Kyodyne.
Series:  Kamen Rider Fourze