Debut Episode:
Actor: Makoto Okunaka, Kanon Kobayashi (Young Koyomi)
She is Haruto Soma's assistant, a mysterious girl who was entrusted to Haruto by the White Wizard after the Sabbath. Koyomi has no memory of her life before and is ultimately comparable to a dead shell. As such, she needs periodical infusions of magical energy through the use of the Please Ring to maintain her being. Though she initially resented her half dead state and wished to just stay dead, Haruto convinces her to have hope in him, accept her present state and work for the future. She currently lives at Wajima's shop, helping Haruto with her unique ability to discern Phantoms-in-disguise from real humans. Eventually, Koyomi learns the truth that she is actually Koyomi Fueki, the White Wizard's daughter. Furthermore, Koyomi learns that she died several years ago and was resurrected halfway during the first Sabbath when her father inserted a Philosopher's Stone into her body. With this knowledge, Koyomi eventually dies when Gremlin rips the stone out of her.
Series:  Kamen Rider Wizard