Shunpei Nara
Debut Episode:
Actor: Junki Tozuka, Ryusei Shoji (Young Shunpei)
He is a clumsy young man who has been fascinated with magic since young when he first read the picture book The Forest Wizard, quoting the wizard's magic phrase "Chichin Pui Pui". While being targeted by the Phantom Hellhound, his attempts in convincing Haruto to make him his apprentice being shot down and he falls victim to Hellhound, who uses his powers to make Shunpei think he can create a torrent of flame from his fingertip. Once Hellhound reveals the ruse and forces him to incinerate his childhood book, Shunpei's despair gives birth to his inner Phantom Cyclops. After Hellhound is destroyed, KR Wizard enters Shunpei's Underworld to destroy Cyclops and with it, the youth's magical potential as well. Shunpei forces himself into Haruto's life regardless, stating that although he can't use magic, he'll do all he can to support a wizard. After the final battle, he becomes an apprentice to Wajima.
Series:  Kamen Rider Wizard