Name: Alfred
Designation: Kamen Rider Tyrant
Rider Arms: Dragon Energy Arms
Weapon: Sonic Arrow
Gear: Sengoku Driver, Lockseeds
Alfred is the strict butler of Shapool who secretly plans to give his master an "accidental death" before removing the rest of Shapool's family with Ryoma Sengoku's help to obtain their wealth for his ambitions. When Kaito intervened in his plans, Alfred received from Ryoma a Genesis Driver and a prototype version of Dragonfruit Energy Lockseed to become Kamen Rider Tyrant, armed with the Sonic Arrow. But what Alfred did not know was that Ryoma was using him in an experiment to test the Dragonfruit Energy Lockseed, learning too late by the time it gradually transforms him into the ox-like Over Lord-type Inves Tyrant. Tyrant is destroyed by Kamen Rider Baron Ringo Arms.

Alfred is portrayed by Gamon Kaai.

Series:  Kamen Rider Gaim