Team Gaim
Team Baron
Team Baron is the rival team to Team Gaim, dressed in black and red long coats. While their leader Kaito is strongly against cheating, there are group members are prone to cheat in Inves Games to win their ranks. Though they usually do this while Kaito was not around, he learns the truth when they caused the Deer Inves's attack on Zawame. After becoming an Armored Rider, Kaito enlists the services of several Beat Rider groups, including Team Raid Wild, Team Invitto, Team Pop Up, Team Soten, and Team Red Hot, to test Team Gaim's worth. However, as Kaito intended to use the recruited teams as pawns and backup dancers, the alliance soon falters after Teams Raid Wild and Invitto formed their own alliance.

In Kamen Rider Gaim: Gaiden, after the Movie War: Full Throttle event on Zack's route, it will tell the past formation of Team Baron. It was also revealed that the former team, Shura was exiled by Kaito for some reason, leading him join Black Linden created his own team, which is not really a Beat Rider, but a thug, known as Neo Baron.

Yggdrasill Corporation
It. is a powerful international conglomerate that has set up shop in Zawame for having the highest frequency of Crack occurrences, having built the city from the ground up by destroying almost everything and literally remodeling Zawame, as well as taking the city's "sacred tree" and opening a Crack to Helheim Forest through it for research purposes. While the company has its hands in many fields and covers almost all socioeconomic aspects of city-dwelling but in essence, a research organization dedicated to stopping the plants of Helheim Forest. Due to Yggdrasill's omnipresence in Zawame, it makes the populace feel that they are living in a jokamachi (castle town) rather than a bustling city. To prevent widespread panic and continue their research, the Yggdrasill Corporation plays a role in the establishment of the Inves Games and the Armored Riders, while covering up the existence of Helheim Forest from the public and creating Lock Seed-compatible weapons in their research and development branch. Once acquiring sufficient data on the Armored Riders, the high-ranked members of the Yggdrasill Corporation receive the Genesis Driver to become the stronger New Generation Riders. While the company was founded to find a way to stop the flora of Helheim Forest from entering the world, a faction consisting of Ryoma, Sid, and Yoko feels that they should allow the plants to invade and weed out the weakest among humanity until only other the strong remain.
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