DJ Sagara
DJ Sagara
Actor: Tomomitsu Yamaguchi

DJ Sagara, believing that one must shine to be remembered by others, is a mysterious man whose only agenda is to see the future unfold in terms of who can obtain the power of Helheim Forest. Sagara originally supported the Yggdrasill Corporation, appearing to them via hologram, as the DJ of a pirate radio station promote the Inves Games with his Beat Riders Hotline internet show. Sagara ultimately sets up much of Zawame's terms such as Beat Riders and Armored Riders. With the first group of Armored Riders no longer needed by the Yggdrasill Corporation, Sagara begins to show an interest in Kouta and secretly helps him escape while presenting him with the Genesis Core that Ryoma made for his Sengoku Driver.

In time, telling Ryoma the location of the Golden Fruit while continuing to aid Kouta, the later after convincing Roshuo to give humanity a second chance, Sagara is revealed to be not human while originating from Helheim Forest and deeming Kouta worthy of using the Kiwami Lockseed. It was only after, the Golden Fruit is ultimately entrusted to Mai, that Sagara is revealed to be the will of Helheim Forest itself. As an immortal embodiment of the forest, Sagara's task is to observe and hasten evolution, explaining that only a Maiden of Fate can bestow the power of the Golden Fruit to one worthy of it. When Kouta is given the Golden Fruit and uses its power to transfer Helheim Forest's plants and Inves to a new barren planet with Earth remaining as it is, a surprised Sagara is slightly disappointed but accepts Kouta's wish. After seeing Kouta and Mai off while telling them to fill their new world with life, Sagara departs for another world to repeat the cycle.

Series:  Kamen Rider Gaim