Akira Hayase

Akira Hayase

Akira Hayase (早瀬 明 Hayase Akira) is a retired cop who was once Shinnosuke's colleague. Six months before the start of the TV series, he and Shinnosuke are investigating a crime when the Global Freeze happens. Shinnosuke's pistol misfires, causing their patrol car's gas tank to explode, crushing him under metal bars and leaving him horribly injured. During the events of the television series, Akira has started physical rehabilitation in the hospital, but he can never return to active duty on the police force. Shinnosuke feels guilty for his former partner's current state, but Akira does not blame him and pushes Shinnosuke to seek new goals in life so he is not burdened by the event. After learning that Shinnosuke is Kamen Rider Drive, Hayase secretly supports his colleague from behind the scenes with the other members of the Special Investigations Division. He reveals his part in supporting Kamen Rider Drive to Shinnosuke after Banno destroys the Drive Pit, as he has worked with the Metropolitan Police's vehicles division to procure space and materials for a Makeshift Emergency Drive Pit.

Akira Hayase is portrayed by Yukihiro Takiguchi (滝口 幸広 Takiguchi Yukihiro).

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive