Actor:Mami Yamasaki

Angel, or rather the Angel Roidmude is the main antagonist of the film Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser. She was originally Roidmude 099 (Spider-Type), until evolving by copying the form of a female psychiatrist named Shoko Hazama and eventually attaining the Over-Evolution by herself. By developing a special feather that allows a Roidmude to unlock the full potential of their human emotions, she convinces several others of her kind to rebel against Heart's leadership and join her side. Angel also presents Chase with a feather as well, which makes him feel emotions like a normal human for the first time, and the Rhino Super Viral Core, which empowers his Mashin Chaser form in a state similar to the Roidmudes' Over-Evolution. However, it is later revealed that Angel's true objective is to use her feathers to overload the minds of Roidmudes and humans alike to state of joy until their deaths. Assisted by Drive and Mach, Chase pursues Angel and eventually destroys her to stop her plans and free the core of several other Roidmudes she captured in order to empower herself, including Heart, despite knowing that by opposing her, he would lose his newfound emotions.

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive