Freeze (フリーズ Furīzu), or rather the Freeze Roidmude (フリーズロイミュード Furīzu Roimyūdo), is the true leader of the other Roidmudes and the first of their kind as Roidmude 001 (Cobra-Type). Freeze, along with Heart and Brain in their Minor Roidmude states, killed their creator Tenjuro Banno before going after Krim Steinbelt. Roidmude 001 also led the Global Freeze prior to the start of the series, having been the cause of the event as he has control over an even stronger version of Heavy Acceleration. During that time, he had assumed the form of Soichi Makage (真影 壮一 Makage Sōichi), secretary of the National Bureau of Defense (国家防衛局 Kokka Bōeikyoku), in order to keep an eye on the police forces. After assuming his current form, Freeze gained the ability to use snowflakes to suppress memories. The only person who was immune to this was Eisuke Tomari, which revealed to Freeze that his emotional stimulant is "humiliation". When Brain asks for help after he is bested by Medic as Heart's subordinate, Freeze becomes personally involved in the fight with the Kamen Riders by providing Roidmudes Neo Viral Cores that allow them hasten their evolution by selecting compatible human hosts to fuse with. Freeze also gains Go Shijima as an ally (who is secretly undercover) as he personally works to remove Shinnosuke from the police force, while also using him to complete his evolution. Once resurrected in his Over-Evolved Form, Freeze nearly kills Shinnosuke, but he is brought back to life with Mr. Belt's help and Freeze is destroyed by the newly transformed Drive Type Tridoron. Freeze is initially believed to be the one responsible for Eisuke's death, but in his last words confesses that he was not the culprit. However, he was present at the time of Eisuke's death, and witnessed the man's murder at the hands of Mitsuhide Nira who Freeze had used to manipulate the police department from behind the scenes.

The Freeze Roidmude is one of the three Roidmudes that are brought back from the dead and faces off against Shinnosuke until being destroyed by Kamen Rider Ghost.

Freeze is portrayed by Masami Horiuchi (堀内 正美 Horiuchi Masami).

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive