Heart (ハート Hāto), or rather the Heart Roidmude (ハートロイミュード Hāto Roimyūdo), is an imposing figure always wearing a red trench coat, serving as false leader of the Roidmudes stationed in Japan after the Global Freeze until revealed that Freeze is the true leader. Originally Roidmude 002 (Spider-Type), his human guise is modeled after Shinzo Hiroi (広井 真蔵 Hiroi Shinzō), a businessman who refused to invest in Banno's research. He has a jovial and showy figure who likes referring to fellow Roidmudes as friends. He has the ability to activate the Dead Zone (デッドゾーン Deddo Zōn), an uncontrollable overwhelming power. Prior to assuming his current form and capturing Proto Drive, he murdered his creator and even Heart's own savior, Krim Steinbelt, unaware that the two survived when their minds were separately transferred into Brain's tablet computer and the Drive Driver, respectively. Heart's emotional stimulant is the joy he finds in facing a worthy opponent, who he finds in Shinnosuke as Kamen Rider Drive, not only for his strength, but for his honor. Heart eventually achieves Over-Evolution when recognizing Kamen Rider Drive as an equal. When Heart learns of Banno's survival, he makes it his principle concern to deal with the threat his creator poses. When chasing Banno, Chase understands Heart's reasons behind hating humanity as being because of Banno himself, and he tries to convince Heart to reconcile with humanity in order to set things right to stop Banno's madness. Heart refuses his offer and prefers doing things his own way due to their conflict in the first Global Freeze. After Medic is being reprogrammed into by Banno, Heart sacrifices himself to save the Kamen Riders in exchange for Medic's life. He is captured by Banno, but he has already decided to prevent the mad scientist's evil plans on his own, but Banno's use of a Grim Reaper Roidmude as another hostage forces Heart to work with him. After Brain's sacrifice to save Medic's life during the process to start Sigma Circular, Heart helps the Kamen Riders fight Banno and destroy Sigma Circular. Once both of them have been defeated, unfortunately, Heart refuses to want to make coexist with humans and Roidmudes and tries to attack Shinnosuke only he has suffered a mortal wound during the ensuing battle. However, Shinnosuke instead makes his peace with the dying Roidmude.

In Kamen Rider Heart two years after the defeat of Banno and the event Super Movie War Genesis, Heart has been revived twice, but now by Go, Reiko and Kyu, and with him, the cores of Brain and Medic within him. It is revealed that Heart's revival was originally meant for Chase's revival. At the same time despite Go, Reiko and Kyu's accidental revival on Heart, a hostile creatures very similar to the Roidmudes appear and start attacking people, specifically the human templates of previous Roidmudes. Heart thinks about the crimes Roidmude committed and seeks a redemption for his race and himself. Out of this desire, Heart volunteers to assist Inspector Otta in investigating the attacks. Heart deduces the identity objective of this monster. However, since he is unable to regain his power as a Roidmude, he is at a big disadvantage. He is later given a copy of the Drive Driver and the Shift Heartron (シフトハートロン Shifuto Hātoron) Shift Car to transform into a Kamen Rider known as Kamen Rider Heart (仮面ライダーハート Kamen Raidā Hāto). At first Heart's first Rider form was a hybrid of Drive's three main Type forms known as Type Speed Wild Technic (タイプスピードワイルドテクニック Taipu Spīdo Wairudo Tekunikku), such as Type Wild's body suit, Type Speed's middle armor parts and Type Technic's helmet, until he retain his Roidmude powers and transform into his true primary Type form which has a similar body suit as Drive Type Tridoron with a similar helmet as Heart's Roidmude form known as Type Miracle (タイプミラクル Taipu Mirakuru), combining his powers with Medic's and Brain's. However and sadly, the transformation overloads their cores, destroying them once again soon after Rodmude 5886 is defeated only Heart said that only coexist with humans and Roidmudes.

Heart is portrayed by Tomoya Warabino (蕨野 友也 Warabino Tomoya).

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive