Keisuke Okamura
Actor:Hassei Takano

Keisuke Okamura is the leader of the criminal organization Neo-Shade. He is a fugitive who prior to the start of the series was being chased by Shinnosuke and Hayase. Just as they are about to arrest him, the first Global Freeze occurs, injuring Hayase and allowing Okamura to escape capture. One year later (in the series finale which follows the events of the film Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future), Okamura resurfaces, having recruited some of the remaining Roidmudes as members of Neo-Shade and having somehow obtained Kamen Rider Ghost's Newton Ghost Eyecon after Kamen Rider Ghost lost it in the fight against the Paradox Roidmude. Many years after all Roidmudes and Banno are destroyed, Shinnosuke and Genpachiro Otta manage to track Okamura down, but the Newton Ghost Eyecon also draws the attention of a Gamma Commando and Kamen Rider Ghost himself. The fight between the Gamma and Kamen Rider Ghost allows Okamura to escape capture, again, and in the confusion he takes Kiriko hostage. Shinnosuke manages to track him down back to where he and Hayase had originally cornered Okamura before the first Global Freeze, but this time Shinnosuke manages to arrest Okamura without anyone getting hurt. Shinnosuke also manages to give the Newton Eyecon to Yurusen, who brings it back to Kamen Rider Ghost.

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive