Medic (メディック Medikku), or rather the Medic Roidmude (メディックロイミュード Medikku Roimyūdo), is responsible for healing and altering a Roidmude's body and Core. Originally Roidmude 009 (Cobra-Type), she played a role in the Global Freeze and copied the appearance of Misuzu Hatori (羽鳥 美鈴 Hatori Misuzu), a human ballerina who was a hospital patient having developed paralysis and amnesia after a car crash, a situation only exacerbated by Medic's care for Misuzu's dog who she believed was lost forever. The night of the Global Freeze, Medic found an injured Heart, and took care of him. However, after the Global Freeze ends, Medic enters a catatonic state that is only ended by the energy gatherd by the Volt Roidmude. The revived Medic assists Heart and Brain in their tasks to achieve their Over-Evolved states. She is also responsible for reprograming Chase after he nearly regains all of his memories as his former life as Proto Zero, ultimately leading to the creation of the Grim Reaper unit when Chase becomes the Roidmudes' defender. According to Freeze, Medic's emotional stimulant is "devotion", possibly out of her desire to please Heart. Despite being a heartless Roidmude, she has Misuzu's kinder side intact within her, such as her affections for Misuzu's supposedly lost dog. However, her emotions are twisted as a result of synchronizing with other Roidmudes. Her appearance changes depending on whether or not Misuzu's kindness or other Roidmudes' twisted minds are in control of her emotions. After Banno transfers himself into his own Drive Driver, Medic becomes the first of his new victims. She attempts to rescue Misuzu from the man responsible for the car crash, her boyfriend, and conversations with Kamen Rider Drive ultimately lead to the boyfriend's arrest. Despite being manipulated by Banno, her loyalty towards Heart leads to her evolution into an Over-Evolved Form. However, her reprogramming turns her into Banno's obedient puppet who attacks anyone (even Heart) at his commands. Banno plans on using her as a vessel to activate Sigma Circular, but Brain's selfless sacrifice to save her leads her to regain her memories and control to mourn for his death and rejoin Heart to stop Banno. When she helps the Kamen Riders and Heart stop Banno, she is still weakened from nearly being used as a sacrifice for Sigma Circular, and she tells Heart and Kamen Rider Drive to go on without her. She is ultimately destroyed by Sigma Circular, but not before she uses her powers to heal Shinnosuke's wounds and thanks him for helping them regain their freedom.

Medic is portrayed by Fumika Baba (馬場 ふみか Baba Fumika).

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive