Paradox (パラドックス Paradokkusu) is the main antagonist of the film Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future. Paradox is Roidmude 108 who becomes the Paradox Roidmude (パラドックスロイミュード Paradokkusu Roimyūdo). He was sealed away by his fellow Roidmudes in a timeline that takes place after Banno caused the second Global Freeze. In the year 2035, he breaks free and attack and nearly defeat Eiji Tomari, stealing the young man's Drive Driver and his appearance to turn the future into a post-apocalyptic dystopia. He is loyal to Tenjuro Banno and Roidmude 004, who in the future lead the army of numberless Roidmudes. He also duplicates himself into an AI to pose as Kamen Rider Dark Drive. He travels back in time to 2015, posing as Eiji Tomari, so he can fuse with his past self to use his newly evolved state called a Supreme Evolved Form (超絶進化態 Chōzetsu Shinkatai) to personally cause the second Global Freeze as part of a predestination paradox. He first manages to trick Shinnosuke to destroy Mr. Belt because of the presence of the evil Roidmude chip in him from Banno, as every time Shinnosuke transforms into Kamen Rider Drive, the belt's AI system becomes more corrupted, ultimately leading Mr. Belt to plead for Shinnosuke to destroy him. This allows Roidmude 108 to transform into Kamen Rider Dark Drive at will. He then frames Shinnosuke for several crimes, trying to turn the police force against him, but Shinnosuke is saved by Chaser revealing the truth about Kamen Rider Dark Drive. The two of them then battle it out as Kamen Riders Super Deadheat Drive and Dark Drive, but Roidmude 108 uses the events one more time to further his plans, as it frees the 2015 iteration of himself and the two Roidmudes fuse into the evolved Paradox Roidmude. While his plans are complete, he is caught off guard when Shinnosuke manages to transform into Drive Type Special and he is destroyed.

As Kamen Rider Dark Drive (仮面ライダーダークドライブ Kamen Raidā Dāku Doraibu), utilizing the reversible Shift Next Special Shift Car to assume Type Next (タイプネクスト Taipu Nekusuto), he uses the Blade Gunner (ブレードガンナー Burēdo Gannā) as his weapon and drives the NEXTridoron (ネクストライドロン Nekusutoraidoron), a modified Mercedes-AMG GT made for the movie. After abandoning the Dark Drive's arsenals in favor of his Supreme Evolved Form, all of them ended up in Shinnosuke's possession, using the future Drive Driver as Krim's new vessel and had the NEXTridoron participated in Paradox's destruction.

He has futuristic Next versions of three Tire Exchange Shift Cars. To use these Shift Cars, they must first take control of a normal car in the present, and then this car is driven by a numberless Roidmude summoned from the future. The Next Shift Cars can only be destroyed once both the numberless Roidmude and real car are also destroyed.

  • Shift Next Builder (シフトネクストビルダー Shifuto Nekusuto Birudā) is used to possess an ASTACO construction vehicle from Hitachi Construction Machinery. The Roidmude driver, along with his possessed vehicle, is destroyed by Drive Type Tridoron.
  • Shift Next Deco Traveller (シフトネクストデコトラベラー Shifuto Nekusuto Deko Toraberā) is used to possess a dekotora truck. It spawns two Roidmudes, posing as its original drivers respectively. One Roidmude driver is destroyed by Super Deadheat Drive, while the other Roidmude is destroyed along with the truck by Kamen Rider Ghost Newton Damashii respectively.
  • Shift Next Hunter (シフトネクストハンター Shifuto Nekusuto Hantā) is used to possess a police car to spawn a Roidmude controlling it. The Roidmude, along with his possessed car, is destroyed by Kamen Rider Mach.

Paradox is voiced by Rikiya Koyama (小山 力也 Koyama Rikiya), while his disguises as Eiji Tomari is portrayed by Mackenyu.

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive