Roidmude 004
Actor: Chris Peppler

Roidmude 004 is a Spider-Type Roidmude who is Banno's right-hand man. Before the Global Freeze, 004 copied Krim Steinbelt's identity before Steinbelt transferred his mind into the Drive Driver. However, Roidmude 004's mind would later become corrupted, leading to his deactivation. Banno eventually reactivates him to serve as his subordinate, helping Banno become Gord Drive, hunting down Brain, and developing the Sigma Circular. He poses as a future version of Krim Steinbelt who became the evil ruler of a world where Roidmudes are the dominant species. He is defeated in battle by Drive Type Tridoron, but survives and attempts to destroy the Kamen Riders, as well as Medic and Heart, by self-destructing himself. However, he fails when Deadheat Mach uses his power to save everyone before Roidmude 004 explodes.

During the events of Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, after Roidmude 004 plants the chip in Mr. Belt and Mr. Belt is destroyed by Shinnosuke to apparently prevent the dystopian future ruled by Roimudes, Roidmude 004 becomes the leader of the numberless Roidmudes in the future. He sends various Roidmudes to hunt down rebel humans, and personally sends Roidmude 108 to kill Eiji Tomari to disguise himself as the Kamen Rider during Roidmude 108's time in the past to enact a stable time loop.

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive