Roidmude 072
Voice Actor: Kenta Hamano

Roidmude 072 is a Bat-Type Roidmude who assumes the form of Kyu Saijo. He originally intended to kill Saijo and take his place in the Special Investigations Division, having attacked him near New Year's by infiltrating Saijo's computer system. However, he grants Saijo's final request to watch his favorite anime that night and watches it with him, being moved to tears by how wonderful a human creation is. From that point on, he and Saijo switch places at the police department whenever Saijo is too busy with other activities. The ruse is ultimately revealed when Roidmude 072 kidnaps an idol who is to have a guest role in his and Saijo's favorite anime. Shinnosuke decides to let him live as he has gained humanity just like Chase did, but he is chased down by Medic and the Grim Reaper Unit. Medic kills him right in front of Shinnosuke and the others before escaping. Before Roidmude 072 dies, he asks Shinnosuke to tell Saijo that he had to be destroyed by the Kamen Riders because he got out of control, as he knew that Saijo's obsessive personality would lead to an emotional breakdown if he were to discover that Medic was the one who killed him. He ends up being the inspiration for Saijo's novel Mechanical Friendship.

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive