Roidmude 077

Roidmude 077

Roidmude 077 is a Bat-Type Roidmude who appears in the film Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser. Involved in serial incidents related to Gaia Memories, he attempts to use the Beast Memory on himself, just to collapse on the border between the Tokyo and Futo prefectures, creating a conflict of jurisdictions between the polices of both cities. After awakening, he uses the Beast Memory again, this time managing to transform himself into the Beast Dopant (ビースト・ドーパント Bīsuto Dōpanto), but he is soon after, he is destroyed by the combined efforts of Kamen Riders Drive, Mach and Accel along the Beast Memory as well.

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive