Roidmude 5886

Roidmude 5886

Roidmude 5886 is a newly unstable Roidmude, created from the merge of the broken data of the destroyed Roidmudes which driven by his wild nature. He is the main antagonist of Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Heart. His goal is to complete himself by stealing the identity those Roidmudes copied like Medic's human sync, Misuzu Hattori in the past while absorbing their life-forces. However, one Roidmude core inside 5886's body, 005 already had his human, Koya Nishimori died earlier during Mach Saga novel event. He is destroyed by Kamen Rider Heart, thus freeing most of the Roidmudes, including 005 who later plotting a revenge against Kamen Rider Mach and Nishihori's daughter, Reiko.

Roidmude 5886 is voiced by Takaya Kuroda (黒田 崇矢 Kuroda Takaya).

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive