Shinnosuke Tomari

Shinnosuke Tomari

Shinnosuke Tomari (泊 進ノ介 Tomari Shinnosuke) is a young man who joined the Metropolitan Police to solve the mystery behind the death of his father Eisuke Tomari. During an event called the Global Freeze, while tracking down a terrorist organization called Neo-Shade, Shinnosuke accidentally left his squad partner Akira Hayase behind and he was critically wounded. This upset Shinnosuke, making him lose his motivation to be a police officer, as he was transferred to the police department's Special Investigations Division. When he encounters the Drive Driver belt, he secretly becomes the hero Kamen Rider Drive to fight the Roidmudes, androids who are the cause of the Global Freeze and several strange events occurring in the city. In time, Shinnosuke learns more about the arsenal at his disposal among other truths as he is joined by Go Shijima and later the reformed Roidmude Chase. Eventually, Shinnosuke is forced to publicly reveal his identity as Kamen Rider Drive and it results in the Roidmudes targeting him for their plans. Upon learning that the Roidmudes were involved in his father's death years before, Shinnosuke confronts the Freeze Roidmude in search for answers, just to nearly be killed when the Roidmude achieves his Over-Evolved form. After being revived by the Special Investigations Division, Shinnosuke manages to defeat and destroy the Freeze Roidmude and succeeds in tracking down his father's true murder, whom he later arrests. Soon after, Shinnosuke and his friends and comrades turn their attention on stopping the remaining Roidmudes from threatening to mankind, by thwarting Professor Banno's plan to use them to start a second Global Freeze. After the world is saved from the Roidmudes, the Special Investigations Division is disbanded, Shinnosuke is promoted to police sergeant, and he is transferred back to the First Investigation Division.

At the end of the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis, Shinnosuke marries Kiriko Shijima. Some time in the future, the two eventually have a son who they name Eiji (英志).

As Kamen Rider Drive, instead of using a motorcycle like previous Kamen Riders, Shinnosuke's vehicle is a car called the Tridoron (トライドロン Toraidoron). Shinnosuke uses the Shift Cars (シフトカー Shifuto Kā) in conjunction with the Drive Driver (ドライブドライバー Doraibu Doraibā) and the Shift Brace (シフトブレス Shifuto Buresu) to transform into Kamen Rider Drive, where he possesses three primary forms known as "Types" (タイプ Taipu) that he can alternate between for different abilities: the default sports car-based Type Speed (タイプスピード Taipu Supīdo) with acceleration powers, the dune buggy-based Type Wild (タイプワイルド Taipu Wairudo) with strength powers, and the garbage truck-based Type Technic (タイプテクニック Taipu Tekunikku) with analyzing powers. In any of these forms, he is armed with the Handle-Ken (ハンドル剣 Handoru Ken, Handle Sword) and the Door-Ju (ドア銃 Doa Jū, Door Gun). There are other Shift Cars that Kamen Rider Drive can use during fights to grant him different abilities by swapping out his form's Shift Tire (シフトタイヤ Shifuto Taiya?) with a new one in a process known as Tire Exchange (タイヤ交換 Taiya Kōkan?). For example, the Max Flare Shift Car empowers Drive's attacks with the element of fire, while the Mad Doctor Shift Car can be used to heal either his or other people's injuries. Some Shift Cars do not factor into Drive's attacks, such as the Burning Solar Shift Car which absorbs solar energy or the Colorful Commercial Shift Car which produces 3D holograms for uses like camouflage. Other Shift Cars are used as the basis of stronger forms:

  • Type Dead Heat (タイプデッドヒート Taipu Deddo Hīto) is Drive's motorcycle and sidecar-based form. This form change can be shared with Mach, allowing either Rider to emulate the Heart Roidmude's Dead Zone ability. However, as this Shift Car has not been perfected yet, it has a serious drawback in that it leaves the user out of control to where they attack anyone after a few minutes of use. Since Kamen Rider Drive never overcame this limitation, the Shift Car becomes part of Mach's regular arsenal instead.
  • Type Formula (タイプフォーミュラ Taipu Fōmyura) is Drive's Formula One car-based form, which is powered up by three subordinate Shift Cars that give him a larger range of abilities. He can also use the Trailer-Hou (トレーラー砲 Torērā Hō, Trailer Cannon) to unleash powerful Full Throttle finishing attacks when combined with the Shift Cars.
  • Type Tridoron (タイプトライドロン Taipu Toraidoron) is Drive's ultimate sports car-based form, inadvertently created while they attempted to revive him. Because Tomari and Krim Steinbelt share the same mind and body while transformed, he took on several of Krims mannerisms while converting the Tridoron into armor. In this form, Kamen Rider Drive uses the Tire Blending (タイヤカキマゼール Taiya Kakimazēru) ability to combine three Tire Exchange Shift Cars of a particular set into a singular Shift Tire with the combined powers of its components. He can also use all the weapons from his other forms, as well as allow Mr. Belt to take control of his body when needed.

In the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, Kamen Rider Drive gains access to a Type Fruits (タイプフルーツ Taipu Furūtsu) form gained from Kamen Rider Gaim sharing some of his power with him. He gains access to Gaim's Daidaimaru and Musou Saber weapons while resembling a samurai with a large straw hat in the form of an orange.

Type High Speed is exclusive to the Kamen Rider Drive Hyper Battle DVD. It is a silver-colored version of his Type Speed form which is stronger than Type Speed, however it is eventually revealed that it is just a placebo effect and it is no different from the standard Type Speed form.

In the film Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, Shinnosuke uses Chase's Mach Driver Honoh and the Tridoron Key (トライドロンキー Toraidoron Kī) to transform into Kamen Rider Super Deadheat Drive (仮面ライダー超デッドヒートドライブ Kamen Raidā Chō Deddo Hīto Doraibu), a form similar in appearance to Mashin Chaser. The Tridoron Key as well capable of manipulating the Tridoron to its driver and serves as a contingency to Krim's consciousness should the original one destroyed, at the cost of the object's existence. He also gains the ability to transform into Type Special (タイプスペシャル Taipu Supesharu) through the Shift Next Special Shift Car. This form is originally used by his son Eiji Tomari in the year 2035, but after he is killed by Roidmude 108, his Shift Car and Drive Driver are used and corrupted by the Roidmude in order to become Kamen Rider Dark Drive. After Roidmude 108 becomes the Paradox Roidmude, he damages the Shift Car and Drive Driver from the future, but Kiriko retrieves both and uses the Mad Doctor Shift Car to restore them to their original states, allowing Shinnosuke to use both to battle the Paradox Roidmude as Type Special. Upon transforming, Shinnosuke is greeted by a hologram of his son, as he had used the mind link technology to implant part of his consciousness into the Shift Car before his death in the future.

In the film Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis, two new forms of Drive are shown. The first is Kamen Rider Deadheat Drive (仮面ライダーデッドヒートドライブ Kamen Raidā Deddo Hīto Doraibu), a form resembling Type Dead Heat, that Shinnosuke transforms into with a Mach Driver Honoh given to him by Professor Harley, as Mr. Belt is still locked away after the Roidmudes were all defeated earlier in the year. After being sent back in time 10 years with Takeru Tenkūji, Shinnosuke discovers the Mr. Belt of 2005 and together they transform into Kamen Rider Zero Drive (仮面ライダーゼロドライブ Kamen Raidā Zero Doraibu), a more advanced form of Kamen Rider Proto Drive but not yet the completed Kamen Rider Drive.

Shinnosuke Tomari is portrayed by Ryoma Takeuchi (竹内 涼真 Takeuchi Ryōma). As a teenager, Shinnosuke is portrayed by Ryohei Aoki (青木 綾平 Aoki Ryōhei).

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