Zoruku Tojo

Zoruku Tojo

Zoruku Tojo

Zoruku Tojo (ゾルーク東条 Zorūku Tōjō) is a master criminal was known as Phantom Thief Ulimate Lupin (怪盗アルティメット・ルパン Kitō Arutimetto Rupan). Some time after the Global Freeze, an aged Zoruku comes upon the resting place of Cyberoid ZZZ (サイバロイドZZZ Saibaroido Surī Zetto), an android that Krim created in preparation for the Roidmudes' attack against humanity. While Krim intended to transfer his mind into Cyberoid ZZZ, he was forced to put the android in storage as it requires a strong mind to control it. Before his own death, Zoruku transferred his mind into Cyberoid ZZZ and goes on a crime spree in his new body during the events of Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle. Confronted by Shinnosuke, Zoruku uses the Lupin Gunner (ルパンガンナー Rupan Gannā) to transform into Kamen Rider Lupin (仮面ライダールパン Kamen Raidā Rupan).

But after being hit by Drive Type Speed Flare's SpeeDrop, Zoruku's consciousness is forced to leave the burned out Cyberoid ZZZ before it was absorbed by Megahex. After ZZZ Megahex is destroyed by both Drive and Gaim, Zoruku's consciousness ends up in a Bat Viral Core, allowing him to appear as a hologram while telling Shinnosuke that he will be back in the future.

Zoruku Tojo later reappears in the DVD special Kamen Rider Drive Secret Mission: Type Lupin! ~Lupin, the Last Challenge~. His Roidmude body has recovered from its wounds and he is attacked by Roidmude 100, who steals his Lupin Gunner. While Roidmude 100 is posing as him, he manages to catch up during his fight with Kamen Rider Drive, and he joins in the battle, regaining the Lupin Gunner and battling alongside Kamen Rider Drive as Kamen Rider Lupin. However, the events have used up the last of his energy, which he later reveals in a letter he has sent to Shinnosuke once he has died. He leaves his Lupin Gunner and Viral Core with him for safekeeping as the Unit gives him a final respect.

Zoruku Tojo is portrayed by Yūji Ayabe (綾部 祐二 Ayabe Yūji).

Series:  Kamen Rider Drive