Musashi Damashii
Actor: Karahashi Mitsuru (Original Human Body)

Musashi Damashii empowers Ghost with the spirit of the Japanese swordsman where he gains expert sword fighting skills. In this form, he wields the Gan Gun Saber in Twin Sword Mode which allows him to perform the Omega Slash finishing move. This form's Omega Drive manifests a second pair of energy blades that slash the enemy alongside Ghost. After Makoto unlocks the Houdini Eyecon's powers, Musashi brings Takeru into his Eyecon's world to warn him that not all of the 15 heroic Eyecon spirits will befriend each other and/or immediately assist the Riders at first. 10 years before becoming a Ghost Eyecon, Musashi was summoned by Ryu Tenkuji to aid him in his fight against Edith and as a demonstration to his colleagues for the purpose of developing Ghost Eyecons embodied with the spirits of 15 famous historical figures. When Demia is activated, rendering Takeru with a headache from reading people's minds and souls, Musashi assists him through battle by looking above the blue sky and emptying his mind to search his own feelings carefully.

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost