Akari Tsukimura

Akari Tsukimura

Akari Tsukimura (月村 アカリ Tsukimura Akari) is Takeru's childhood friend, although she is one year older at 19. She is currently a college student majoring in physics who wishes to be a successful scientist like her teachers, Yuichi Katagiri (片桐 ユウイチ Katagiri Yūichi) and Jiro Katagiri (片桐 ジロウ Katagiri Jirō). She finds it difficult to believe in any of the supernatural activity happening around her, even after Takeru dies and is brought back to life to be Kamen Rider Ghost. She assures herself that there is always a rational explanation for what has happened, even Takeru's resurrection, and particularly now that she's seen the Gamma for herself after handling the Musashi Eyecon temporarily. Sometime later, she stumbles into Takeru's room and sees the monolith there, and Takeru tells her that he only has 99 days or he will be dead for good. With the hermit's help, she develops a special spray called "Shiranui" (不知火) that allows her to see ghosts like Ghost and the Gammas without needing an Eyecon. The hermit warns Akari that the Shiranui spray's effects are very limited, particularly when there is very little left, and it is up to her to keep developing more of the Shiranui formula on her own. She is later given the Kumo Lantern, which can be used in place of the Shiranui formula to allow her to see Ghost and Gammas with its flames. During Alain's next move as Kamen Rider Necrom, Akari finds a piece of a Gamma Eyecon to upgrade her Shiranui formula into Mark 2, turning the formula into a weapon to protect herself from Gammas. After the Gammisers' reign of terror is over, Akari helps a now revived Takeru to finish his unfinished education in his high school year. She was temporarily possessed by the Beethoven Eyecon.

Akari Tsukimura is portrayed by Hikaru Ohsawa (大沢 ひかる Ōsawa Hikaru).[7] As a child, Akari is portrayed by Chinami Yoshioka (吉岡 千波 Yoshioka Chinami).

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost